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  1. The Lodge
    I'm making my own lanyards now so if anyone would like to buy one get ahold of me. I can make just about any color, if its rare it might take acouple days to get the paracord. 2 or 4 drop and a whistle drop. Let me know.
  2. The Lodge
    I thought we had more than just one lanyard sponsor on here? Anyhow. I need a new lanyard in the worst way after one of my loops coming off yesterday and almost losing my Original and then one of my loops coming untied on my stranglehold :evil: Does any one have suggestions for a new...
  3. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    Ok guys lets see your lanyards for this fall. Here is mine only change will be the original E2 on here will be replaced with a new crippler when they come in.
  4. The Lodge
    hey guys.... I have a new lanyard that a guy local is making.. i will have some pics soon.. they are braided in the flat braid that is easy on your neck.. they have average of 6 drops that will hold 3 calls doubled or 6 calls if you run them single.. Ill have some pics in the next few days.. Tim
  5. Hunting Gear
    Check it out. Great buy on the limit supreme with a free calef call!!!! I have one of the lanyards and calls and both are nice!!!!
1-5 of 7 Results