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  1. Northern Zone
    If any1 wants to head out with me in the morning hit me up with a pm. It will be a walk though but should be worth it!!
  2. Mississippi River Zone
    We have always hunted 1st season @ Lansing and done well. We have never gone for the 2nd opener, but are thinking about it this year. Will the woodies and teal still be there or new ducks - gadwall, mallards???? Do you still hunt the small backwaters, or go to bigger water?? P.S. Really like...
  3. Mississippi River Zone
    Just checking..anyone seeing much around lansing lately. I was by New Albin and saw a few geese and some woodies, drove to harpers ferry along the no hunting zone and saw geese Wigeon a few mallards and such but not the numbers I thought I would see especially in that area. Numbers are supposed...
  4. Mississippi River Zone
    Was on big lake and New Albin(mon and tues), did all right with fair amount of ducks around. No migration, seemed like locals. Six or seven boats out on tues in the snow. Any help??
  5. Mississippi River Zone
    Any idea if the high water levels have sent the birds somewhere else? I've never seen it this high.
1-5 of 5 Results