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  1. The Lodge
    Was asked this question yesterday but seeing that I don't own my own ground I never really put much thought into it. Does anyone know the law regarding pumping a marsh to fill it up prior to season?
  2. The Lodge
    I have seen different projects around for years. Most of these projects are private land even though the government provide funds and thus private land still? Secondary if the government provided funds for these projects and they are private would it possible to push the state to open...
  3. Deer Forum
    Skipped the first class of the day on friday and drove 60 miles home to get a few traps set and go bowhunting. Then drive back to school for 1 class and work and back home again that night. Buddy's called me crazy, but who's the crazy one now! Got 11 'rats and 1 ****. Not too much of a story on...
  4. Conservation Forum
    Poll Shows Views On Iowa Water & Land Legacy Amendment In November 2 general election, Iowans will vote on a proposed amendment to the Iowa constitution, which would create a trust fund to finance conservation efforts in the state. Poll shows how farmers view the proposal. Rod Swoboda...
  5. Conservation Forum
    Vote YES in November to question #1!!!!!
  6. The Lodge
    any body got any?we have cut ruts inthe mud in every field.have been stuck hayin ,sprayin, fencein,and feedin cattle.hope it dont carry into harvest!!!!!!!!!if we get a strong migration this year there is plenty of places to hold em. p.s.its county fair week,that means it will rain...
  7. Turkey Forum
    Ross's 4th season Tom Public land. 10.5 " Beard 3/4" Spurs I will put more details about the hunt on our website, need some sleep now though.
  8. The Lodge
    I got a real early start on scouting for a goose field for next season. I ran into a square mile section that looked pretty good. The county I live in has a online plat map that is just handy as hell for scouting. You simply click on the land you want and it gives you the lands history...
  9. Conservation Forum
    DU applauds legislature for passing natural resources and outdoor recreation act. Major step forward for Iowa’s Water and Land Legacy DES MOINES, Iowa, March 24, 2010 â€" Following an important vote on Monday, Iowa moved one step closer to creating a permanent and dedicated Natural...
  10. Conservation Forum
    All, Please see the email below from Iowa’s Water and Land Legacy Campaign about the exciting news of the enacting legislation being passed and a matching pledge from Pheasants Forever. This will be on the ballot next November and is one of the most significant environmental initiatives we...
  11. The Lodge
    Is there any places a person can go to find who owns what land online?
  12. The Lodge
    Looks pretty good. Maybe Iowa will follow suit? The jest of it:
  13. Conservation Forum
    Loss of CRP land worries state's wildlife officials SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) -- South Dakota wildlife officials warn that turning hundreds of thousands of acres of Conservation Reserve Program land into crop land won't happen without a price. "Wildlife managers bust their buns over a career to...
1-13 of 13 Results