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  1. The Lodge
    Anyone know where i can find a map of lake odessa of the A area with the stake numbers still???? Ive been searching but cant seem to find one...Any help would be awesome Thanks
  2. Northern Zone
    Does anyone know if dungeon has any water in it? I heard a rumor that the dam was tampered with and dumped the lake. If the dam was messed with it would only effect the upper lake right?
  3. Northern Zone
    Hi all, I am from the central Iowa area and was wondering if anyone had any info on Big Wall Lake area conditions. Habitat, duck population, water levels, etc.. Anything would be helpful. Thank you!
  4. New Member Introductions
    I have lived in Colorado for the last 40 years, but used to hunt Big Wall and Elm Lake back in the late 60's when I was going to school at Iowa State. I am going to be back in Iowa in late October and would like to retace my steps and hunt these lakes again after 40 years. Would it be worth it...
  5. Southern Zone
    Haven't been down there since early summer does anyone know if the water level ever came down? Thanks
  6. Northern Zone
    Martens Lake, in Sweet Marsh Wildlife Management area, is a popular fishing, hunting, and boating area that has been challenged by aquatic invasive plants since the mid-1990s. In 2010, a new invasive plant-brittle naiad-spread into the marsh and threatened native plants and aquatic recreation...
  7. Northern Zone
    TRIPOLI, Iowa - Martens Lake in the Sweet Marsh Wildlife Management Area is being drawn down to control the spread of brittle naiad, an exotic invasive aquatic plant discovered in the lake in 2010. "The drawdown has gone as planned for the first two weeks and if the weather cooperates the...
  8. Ducks Unlimited
    Save the date September 8th, 2011. More details to come as we get closer but block the date off now! On the DMACC campus in Ankeny at the FFA Enrichment Center. If you have questions, I hopefully have answers.
  9. Fishing Forum
    hey guys and gals, im taking a trip to lake kabakona in august i just found out. im having trouble finding options of places to rent boats. only found two, and neither are responding to my calls/emails. do any of you know of anywhere in the area? im also curious as to what types of fish have...
  10. Conservation Forum
    Does anyone know what is going on with these projects? This was supposed to be a project partnership between Iowa DNR and Ducks Unlimited. They were supposed to drain and restore a couple NW Iowa lakes this fall, but never happened. (Lizard Lake and South Twin Lake) Are they still scheduled? Thanks
  11. Fishing Forum
    Anyone here take the train to devils lake??? I know its called A perch lake but its one helluva walleye fishery.
  12. The Lodge
    Migration/Wildlife Reports provided during the migration period. Please call the 24-hour hunter information line at 605-885-6401 for the most recent update. Waterfowl estimates for Sand Lake NWR as of 11/23/2010 Canada Geese - 400 Snow Geese - 0 Ducks - 100 Swans - 0 Things are pretty well...
  13. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    I was just wondering if anyone is having much luck at Odessa? I have hunted saturday and sunday and only a duck each day. I noticed not much shooting after the first hour. I was also wandering does anyone know of a dnr site that lists what the numbers of ducks on the refuge are? Also does anyone...
  14. The Lodge
    Migration/Wildlife Reports provided during the migration period. Please call the 24-hour hunter information line at 605-885-6401 for the most recent update. Waterfowl estimates for Sand Lake NWR as of 11/17/2010 Canada Geese - 3,000 Snow Geese - 120,000 Ducks - 45,000 Swans - 1,000 Snow...
  15. Mississippi River Zone
    I just figured out I am not that far from Odessa and thinking about heading out there for a hunt this weekend. Any words of advice before I do? It will be an afternoon hunt since I have never been there and learning new water in the dark is not my idea of fun!!
  16. The Lodge
    Just wondering if these areas are worth duck hunting? I fish them from time to time but have never tried to waterfowl hunt the area. I know Adams is closed to Canadas because of the locals.
  17. Southern Zone
    I see there are land blinds on West Lake. Can anyone hunt the lake? If no one is in the blind are they public? Can anyone give input.
  18. The Lodge
    I was talkin with a buddy today and he was trying to tell me that they did away with the check in down at Odessa. I have never hunted down there myself, but he does and I guess it is just going to be a free for all from now on down there. Something about it cost more money to have poeple run the...
  19. The Lodge
    Hey guys i'm just looking for some insight on duck hunting Lake Rathbun this fall. I'll be down there all fall guiding deer hunts and chasin ducks in my down time. I saw a pile of ducks down on the South West side last year, but they were all sitting on the refuge. I know theres a bunch of...
1-20 of 50 Results