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  1. The Lodge
    Well walked out to the marsh tonight to see if I could shoot a couple ducks. Kicked about 60 geese off the water and had one gwt get up with them. After getting set up and not seeing anything for a while I went to relieve my self and sure enough that same gwt landed in my deks. It kicked before...
  2. Decoy Forum
    I bought a pack of GHG Pro Grade wood ducks and when I set them out this morning the high heads were top heavy and when the wind picked up these two decoys just simply flopped over on their side. I'm trying to trouble shoot this because these are beautiful decoys and would really like to use...
  3. New Member Introductions
    I dont think i posted on here when i became a member. Anyway I'm Curt, live in Grinnell, and grew up in Ackley. I'm currently a hunting guide for IMB Outfitters, and when i'm not taking rich people on deer and turkey hunts, i spend my time chasing waterfowl. I'm allways willing to make new...
  4. Conservation Forum
    Waterloo Iowa ranked #5 in the nation in 09 on $$$ raised for DU conservation. I would have expected this more from a Davenport or Desmoines chapter. Good job Waterloo Chapter! Speaking of DU, I had a phone survey from them the other day about the upcoming legislation on the 3/8 of one cent...
  5. The Lodge
    My daughter+camera+very patient dog=nothing good for the dog..
1-5 of 5 Results