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  1. Sports Talk
  2. Hunting Gear
    Anyone know of good hunting clothes for kids? I do not want to spend a lot of money on them, since they are for a 5 yr old and he is still growing. Would like to get some that are warm and waterproof also. Thanks.
  3. The Lodge
    I have a question and maybe you can help. Why am I allowed only to take one kid with me under my lisence? The regs say that I kid I adult. I have 2 kids that go and if a buddy can't hunt with us that day legally I can't take both kids. We are in the same boat or blind and no ones hunting on...
  4. Southern Zone
    The Izaak Walton league on George Flagg parkway in Des Moines, Iowa is having their Kids outdoor weekend this weekend (Sept 24 and 25). In the past they have dog training, fishing, cross bow shooting, bow shooting, shot gun clay targets, air rifels and many other attractions. Brings your kids...
  5. The Lodge
    I was just thinking that this site has kind focused on the 18 and over crowd. I know their a few younger but not many. I would like to see a part of this site set-up for the 16 and under crowd. That way they can tell stories, ask questions and an area where parents don't have to worry to much...
  6. Hunting Gear
    trying to find the best bang for buck. My son likes the Power Hunter JR, I though he might want to go with a finisher. I was thinking the finisher would be easier to sit up in, more hands free. With the Power Hunter he will have to flip the top up before he can sit up, or am I wrong? For my...
  7. The Lodge
    6:45 this morning I hear a goose in my house, Drake my 5 year old is sound asleep, Beau my 4 year is gone, so i proceed downstairs to find him calling on his Schultz E2. Cant hardly scold the kid, so i just watch ESPN and listen.
  8. The Lodge
    Fellas what do you say that the members of the site that have children that are into waterfowling register and start posting up on this forum? My 10 yr old little boy will do just that on Sunday when I can sit down with him. Any takers? Tyler you can sign up Al :lol: :mrgreen:
  9. New Member Introductions
    Just wanted to say that after recieving an email about this site I logged and and registered. This will be my first time checking it out. I'm sure there will be several familiar names and faces here.
  10. The Lodge
    By Tim Eisele Contributing Writer Prairie du Chien, Wis. - The Upper Mississippi River Festival “Celebrating a River of Life” gets students outside in hopes of opening doors to the world of natural resources. The festival has been held each spring since 2001 by several state and federal...
1-10 of 10 Results