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  1. The Lodge
    Waterfowlers Journal
  2. Waterfowling Stories
    2008 Hunting Journal Template: Date: Location (county): Morning, afternoon, evening or all day hunt: Wind: Temp: Water hunt: Field hunt: Weather: Hunters: Guided "Y" or "N": Name of guide service: Ducks killed: Geese killed: Number of waterfowl not found: Confidence...
  3. Waterfowling Stories
    Copy and paste this template into your post (new topic) in the 2008 Personal Log Book forum. I will post mine to start it out. As you go on new hunts, copy and paste the templete into a post reply under your forum. Any questions or comments, please PM me. Thank you. 2008 Hunting Journal...
  4. The Lodge
    Journal of a North American Goose Hunter By: Howard Tripp I'm a North American Hunter. I love to fish, too, and I've been blessed with many opportunities to travel the continent in pursuit of fins, horns and feathers. As one might imagine, my most treasured adventures have been with friends and...
1-4 of 4 Results