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  1. The Lodge
    The Quad Jet Ski
  2. Hunting Gear
    I use this while walking up and down rivers, holds alot of gear. I also use it for the intended purpose, ice fishing, but this works awesome taking mojo's and gear thru the waist deep river. (not a pic of me) Anyone use something similar to this?? They cost about 30-40 bucks. For the...
  3. Gun Dog Forum
    wife sent me this email and i thought i would post it on here. THIS IS TRUE & VERIFIED ON SNOPES.COM Recently someone had to have their 5-year old German Shepherd dog put down due To liver failure. The dog was completely healthy until a few weeks ago, so they had a necropsy done to see...
  4. The Lodge
    Sorta Gives new meaning to the terms Low rider, high tide, and full moon!Not to mention: Crack kills!
  5. The Lodge
1-5 of 5 Results