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  1. Decoy Forum
    I have purchased some GHG prograde floaters and I have one deek that is refusing to have its head snapped in place. If anyone has any tips or tricks please post for me. THANKS:mad:
  2. Conservation Forum
    Tell me what you think folks. Subsidies are what we know to be the driving force behind habitat loss., Conservation programs are at a huge financial disadvantage and often for many there is to little money to go around or the incentive structure just isn't lucrative enough to force a person to...
  3. Conservation Forum
    Next year there shall be an effort to add the word Dove to the states Migratory Game Bird statue. There are a number of reasons why this was not done this year but next year we will have to push a little to get it done. Here is the state code as it is today. 484A.1 Definitions. As used in this...
  4. Conservation Forum
    Desoto Bend Refuge Management. I have been setting on this subject for a while but wish to bring it up at this point. Some years ago the refuge revised it's Management manual as to how the refuge would be managed. I think this happens every 10 years. Someone correct me if I am wrong here. It...
  5. Conservation Forum
    If hunters have to pay increased license fees then these following people and activities need a fee also. 1.People that use public areas like the trails on the public lands some of the people would be as follows, bikers hikers horse riders snowmobilers I would like an explination from them...
  6. The Lodge
    DES MOINES — As the historic floods of 2008 have swept through the state, they have damaged and shut down many wastewater treatment plants in Iowa communities. In response, the DNR is issuing special authorizations regarding wastewater construction permits and wastewater disposal. “We...
1-6 of 6 Results