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  1. The Lodge
    A while back while I was looking at boat blinds on the net, I came across a boat from Oregon. I pulled up the pic and noticed it came from the Oregon Waterfowl Festival. I'll post the link, but they have a contest for various categories of boat blinds, call making, decoy carving, etc. Is this...
  2. Decoy Forum
    So I was thinking that maybe I could turn my goose shell decoys into floaters with the help of some of that pink insulation board. Has anybody out there tried this, or anything similar. Any advise is welcome.
  3. Site Help and Suggestions
    What would everyone think about having as forum topic specifically dedicated to banded birds? I think it would be a cool place to show off your newest additions to your jewelry collection.
  4. The Lodge
    Well for those of you guys with little to no cooking skills I found a couple of easy meal solutions for you. I have tried two of the Velveeta Cheesy skillets and they both turned out really good, and I am pretty sure my 7 year old could have made them too. I tried the nacho one and then...
  5. The Lodge
    For the past ten years I have had an idea for a new style of boat blind in my head. I have contacted several companies about working with me on my idea. The companies that I have been in contact with either want to purchase my idea outright or they aren't willing to work with me unless I have...
  6. Decoy Forum
    Any idea on what 6 Herter millenium's mallards are worth? 3 drake and 3 hens. Thanks.
  7. The Lodge
    My boy's 11th birthday is coming up and I was wanting to build him a display case for all his calls. If you guys could post up some pics that would be great. Not looking to copy just trying to get some ideas. I have a bunch of old barn boards I can use just need some ideas.
  8. The Lodge
    I was just thinking that this site has kind focused on the 18 and over crowd. I know their a few younger but not many. I would like to see a part of this site set-up for the 16 and under crowd. That way they can tell stories, ask questions and an area where parents don't have to worry to much...
  9. Site Help and Suggestions
    Maybe its just me but in the case of the "Lets see your rigs" post the thumbnail idea isn't working the greatest, as far as slowing things way down. I'll click that post and click on 6 to see the new rigs and it takes forever. I thought what we had was working great, some just need to learn to...
  10. The Lodge
    Hey, whoever regulates this... The sponsor page is pretty tough to use, if there could be some text under each ad that also links to their page that would be great. For example, I wanted to look through some of RC Store's stuff, went to the page... if it wouldn't have been on top I would have...
  11. The Lodge
    Been thinking what to do with all my beards. I have kind of figured something out. I bought a real cheap small 2 foot shelf from Michaels craft store. Then I bought some eye and hooks. After that I glued my beards into the shell I shot the turkey with. I also drilled out the primer and put...
  12. The Lodge
    ok guys... So tonight as my wife got back from seeing her dad who most of you know is dying of cancer she told me one of her sisters work sent them some money to get food and whatever they needed for here dad. so they got alot of stuff he needs.. He only has about 3-4 weeks ..if that
1-12 of 14 Results