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  1. The Lodge
    I hope this is nobody we know but what are they thinking all the snow has melted and its been 40+ degrees out! CEDAR FALLS, Iowa - Emergency crews have pulled a person from the water at George Wyth State Park. According to the Waterloo Fire Department, a D.N.R. officer heard someone on the...
  2. The Lodge
    I dont ice fish but just thought id pass this on for those who do PATTERSON, Iowa (AP) - Authorities say a man and woman who'd gone ice fishing on a rural Madison County pond have drowned. A fire department dive team pulled the bodies from the pond on Monday night. The pond is about four miles...
  3. Fishing Forum
    For second year in a row, ice fisherman is rescued from bay of Green Bay. STURGEON BAY - A fisherman rescued from ice that had broken away from the shore of Green Bay this weekend was unaware that he was drifting away, officials said. Chief Curt Vandertie of the Brussels-Union-Gardner Fire...
  4. The Lodge
    Received a text this morning that my buddies nephew was riding his atv on Castle rock lake (central WI) and broke through the ice. He had the ice picks hanging around his neck and pulled himself out of the water using them. 6 inches of ice on the lake, he hit a bad spot in front of the dirty...
  5. Fishing Forum
    The Floating Ice Shack (need some ice soon).
  6. Fishing Forum
    Groupon Ice Fishing guided trip, not a bad deal. Yes I know its Green Bay and a little far to drive, but it's good for me. Sick day coming soon to fish a Friday on Lake Michigan :D... Like fishing for compliments, fishing for fish requires...
  7. Fishing Forum
    More than 20 stranded ice anglers rescued on Mille Lacs
  8. The Lodge
    The first pictures are just the overall set up and then the next ones are About 15 minutes after starting The last one is about 2 hours after starting.........
  9. Fishing Forum
    Figured I would start an official ice fishing report thread for this year. So post the reports on here!
  10. The Lodge
    Gonna put the Ice Eater out Thursday after work in preperation for the upcoming weekend. Ice Eater +30 gal external fuel tank = great big fat jumbo canada's. (Tankmengineered and made by Steve the waterfowl equipment genius) You will now be returned to your regularly scheduled...
  11. The Lodge
    Went down to where I have my blind setup this morning and its froze over pretty good. Walked out maybe 10 feet from shore and the ice didnt even crack or anything. Whos all gonna be out in the morning hammerin away at the ice?
  12. The Lodge
    American Motors Eagle set up for ice fishing
  13. Fishing Forum
    Eskimo 7 man ice shelter, anyone have one? Easy setup, take down, pain in the ass? Need a new shanty this year.. retails around 400 bucks.
  14. Fishing Forum
    So I was bored and went through all my ice fishing stuff here the other day. I was looking online at buying a underwater camera. I got a vex, but still want to be able to see what type of fish they are. Anyway I stumble across this thing called real weeds. Guys drill wholes around the tent and...
  15. DIY Waterfowl Gear
    Has anyone tried to build an "ice eater" out of a trolling motor? Looking to use stuff I have around the house without spending a bunch of money. Have a couple of ideas but was wondering what people have tried. What has work or maybe even what hasn't worked? Thanks again for any help
  16. The Lodge
    Anyone know where to get a good deal on a Powerhouse Ice Eater? I'm not looking to pay $750 for the Ice Eater that's marketed towards hunters. Way over priced IMO. I'm looking to get just the motor and shroud in 1HP and was hoping someone here might know of a good retailer for one! Thanks in...
  17. Classifieds
    Posting for a family member: This is a very nice shack (new last winter). It comes with a cover that is still new in the package and also a runner kit that in new in the package. This shack made it on the ice one time last year. Asking $250. Please PM me with questions.
  18. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    Squaw Creek Report 02/21/11 - 172,761 Snows, 85% ice covered (Refuge Wetlands Frozen ) Mound City Weather
  19. Fishing Forum
    Gunner85 and myself have been talking about doing a get together for the website. We have come up with Saturday Feb. 12th at Beeds lake located just west of Hampton, Iowa on Highway 3. I am thinking about everyone getting there around 10am but earlier or later is fine. Fish till whenever as...
  20. Fishing Forum
    Anyone ever use portable fish finders ice fishing? I just bought a hummingbird pirahanna portable fishfinder. Gonna try it 2maro ice fishing. Was just wondering if anyone has had any luck with them.
1-20 of 59 Results