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  1. The Lodge
    The Iowa Deer Classic is Feb 24-26 this year. Maybe we could have some sort of a get together -- say -- Saturday night?
  2. New Member Introductions
    I have visited this website regularly for some time now and with the help of a few members on here have decided to join. Thanks to Fred H and DUJMontchal for that. I have been addicted to waterfowl hunting since the day my dad got me started at age 6. I used to hunt the NE side of the state, but...
  3. The Lodge
    It's on the main page.
  4. The Lodge
    I'm looking into different decals for the site. Different pics/decals coming soon. Size is basically 5.5" w X 3.8" h, $1.00 each (probably give some away), click pic to maximize. I will have the samples soon. I also want to change the IAW logo (top left of the site) soon.....
  5. The Lodge
    I'm not sure who to ask about getting one or some printed up. I'd love to have a hoodie and a long sleeve T-shirt with the IAW logo. There are ALOT of new members who may want one as well. I wear a medium so I bet there none of the old ones in that size. Thanks.
  6. Site Help and Suggestions
    Not that its happening regulary on this site (if it is/was, I missed it), but please, if you have a problem with another member on the site, take the problem to private messaging between you and the other member, don't run a soap opera on the site for all to see. Arguments are not the norm here...
  7. The Lodge
    I will try and post some site info and news monthly (my memory is short, this may be the only monthly post) 1st off we have a couple auctions going on, please check them out;
  8. The Lodge
    how much are the 2x iawaterfowlers shirts running. i would be interested in a couple black ones that i've seen. Thanks
  9. The Lodge
    Yeah bored at work/school? You can now listen to the radio (even your local channels) right here on IAW! Go here: Radio and TV Or if you look at the navigation bar, you'll see "Radio *NEW*" < click that. I'll be adding a bunch of other radio stations just bare with me as it takes a lot of...
  10. The Lodge
    Hey guys, Welp, as some of you guys/ladies know, the software used to run IAW is getting pretty outdated. So, last night I did a test run to change the forum software and everything worked out perfectly minus the avatars (PLEASE SAVE YOUR CURRENT AVATAR ON YOUR COMPUTER). All...
  11. The Lodge
    Another member and I have been tossing around the idea of seeing how many people on here would be up for doing a ice fishing get together this winter. Just curious if anyone is interested and if anyone has a spot they think might be worth giving a shot at so we can catch some fish while we...
  12. The Lodge
    I just wanted to say thanks to everyone from IAW that has helped me out this season, from advice on here to tips out in the field and inviting me hunting. This site is really great and connected me with a lot of waterfowlers and given me hunting opportunities I wouldn't have had otherwise. Not...
  13. The Lodge
    Allright boys and girls, Belle, Steve, and I have been talking about a IAW get together sometime this weekend around the sportsman show. What do you think, Friday night, or Saturday night? My vote is Saturday night sometime.
  14. The Lodge
    Last 30 days state hits detail for iawaterfowlers: Visits via 208 cities, top 65 listed (and remember, your IP could get registered from the town next to you, if a question, click on this site and it will let you know ) and yes, 22 is listed twice.
  15. New Member Introductions
    Section I: Rules 1. (Members) are expected to conduct themselves in a civilized manner. That means showing courtesy and respect to ALL other members, moderators, and administrators. Word censors are in place for a reason. No profanity and absolutely no personal attacks, flames, or bigotry...
1-15 of 19 Results