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  1. Conservation Forum Hmmm Go-Figure
  2. The Lodge
    The email I got about this said they caused 16 accidents and went to jail for this. I thought it was funny, oh well.
  3. The Lodge
    Is it me or is a guy parked with boat on trailer blocking boat ramp at 4:00 A.M. because he was the first guy there and didnt wanna get cold so he was sleeping in passenger side of truck backed into ramp bush league or not??? i would love some input b/c I was PISSED!!! Bush league in my opinion...
  4. The Lodge
    anyone out walking there dog yesterday? i was backing out of my driveway in my cherokee and there was a guy walking what looked like a chessie and wearing a mud buddy sweatshirt? anyone on this site?
  5. The Lodge
  6. The Lodge
    How many guys consider themselves duck hunters and how many consider themselves goose hunters? I would say I am a duck hunter, but I goose hunt alot too. But really, I'm a duck hunter.
  7. The Lodge
    Anyone taking out any youth hunters next weekend? I am taking my son and another kid out. This is my first year taking a couple youths out normaly they just hunt the regular season with me.
  8. Ducks Unlimited
    Big Marsh Ducks Unlimited will be hosting a Waterfowl Hunters Party again this year. It will be held at the Aplington Rec Complex October 13th, 6:00PM. A letter was sent out with the date being September 15th, which is no longer correct due to scheduling conflicts. Decoys, Guns, and Hunting...
  9. Southern Zone
    I am bored at work over my lunch break thinking about hunting obviously. I am curious to know how many people around here hunt the CB area and what your numbers have looked like the last few years. I have been hunting a private farm pond about 20 miles northeast of CB the last few years. Last...
  10. Conservation Forum
    Would you Support the effort to make mandatory those who wish to purse / hunt doves in the state of Iowa be required to purchase the states migratory bird stamp? Resources gained by this would help in dove management and provide a sustainable source of revenues that adds stability to Iowa's...
  11. Decoy Forum
    I've been kicking around the idea of diversifying my spread this year. Is there really an advantage to buying pintails, woodies, widgion, blue bill... vs just running mallards or is it just companies making an extra buck by making us believe that we need other species of ducks? As it is I have...
  12. The Lodge
    I will be taking Friday off again this week to burn some vacation and if anyone is interested, I would be willing to film your hunt. This footage will be used on Loch'M In's newest DVD, Self Made, if anyone is interested and has hot spot let me know via pm, Thanks Ryan
  13. Conservation Forum
    North zone duck hunters and South zone duck hunters. Guys report your bird locations to your areas waterfowl Biologist who typically count birds. Give them some new info as to where to look when trying to count birds. Our problem is they count the same areas birds use early in the season and...
  14. The Lodge
    I am new to duck hunting by most standards. i have been giving it my best try all year. the other day me and my boy went to a spot in north west iowa (public ground) and there was another truck there. the other group tryed to run away to get "the spot" when i pulled in so i asked them to come...
  15. Deer Forum
    seen a huge mature 11 point doggin does this morning ! first real action i have seen that the mature bucks are chasing this is in madison county so i would have to say the ruts on in my neck of the woods. I will be out this week end camera and bow in hand. see if I can stick ole freak nasty or...
  16. The Lodge
    ATTENTION YOUNG HUNTERS! Come to Brown’s Lake on Sunday afternoon to learn more about hunting ducks and geese! Conservation Officer Steve Griebel will be conducting a program on waterfowl identification, the regulations affecting waterfowlers, and also offer duck and goose calling tips! If...
  17. Northern Zone
    I just relocated to Dubuque and am looking for some bird hunting buddies. If anyone could help me out with some hunts that would be great!
  18. The Lodge
    Everybody needs to get ahold of the DNR and push for them to make it illegal to hunt waterfowl from the ditch! Legaly the ditch hunters only have a very small window to shoot at a moving bird in and if you look at the safety side of it and not shooting across the road then you are down to about...
  19. Ducks Unlimited
    Hey Guys, Just wanted to let everyone know we will be having the Big Marsh Waterfowl Hunters Party again this fall, on Thursday September 16th, 6:00 PM at the Aplington Recreation Complex in Aplington. We will be giving away all sorts of good waterfowl hunting equipment as well as dog training...
1-19 of 49 Results