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  1. Conservation Forum
    Should Iowa make a Constitutional amendment making it a right to Fish, Hunt and Trap in the state of Iowa? Therefore, the Legislature intends that the citizens of Iowa have a right to hunt, fish, and take game, subject to the regulations and restrictions prescribed by general law. Many states...
  2. Southern Zone
    Im in the marines about to get out and moving back to my home state of Iowa, I lived up by Okoboji/ Spirit Lake area but going to college in Iowa City and I dont know any good places to go Duck and Goose Hunting. North or South of Iowa City? Any good suggestions?
  3. Waterfowl Q & A
    Any one ever hunted ND or S. Manitoba on their own?? What was it like to find birds, get permission................any info would be greatly appreciated. like to take my 2 boys but the fees are pretty steep. I know they have a short season and w/equipmeent, scouting.........there probably worth...
  4. The Lodge
    This morning ended up being a waste of time and a very cold morning but still felt good to be out. Also knowing that the birds didn't fly this morning we knew they would fly this evening. We hunted till about 10:30 this morning and then headed back out to a field about 2pm and set up to run...
  5. The Lodge
    Quackwhacker and I hit the river this morning to try for some honkers. Set out 18 decoys and waited. Didn't wait to long and a loner came right in backwinging. Needless to say he didn't leave. About 30 min later another loner met the water as well. Saw a good number of birds but they were in one...
  6. The Lodge
    In the past we only hunted marsh's and lakes. We started this year hunting the Missouri river. I have a 16 ft extra wide boat with a pernament blind with a 25 horse outboard. The blind is very heavy. I am considering taking off the pernament blind and putting on a pop up blind. I love my...
  7. Waterfowling Stories
    Had a nice little evening hunt, an IAW outing at it's finest. TheDuckSlayer, Ghillie, Wendlwacker, and myself hit a field in the Ames area. Our field goose hunt turned into a duck hunt, as the geese flew super early and didn't seem to want to commit, but the ducks didn't mind it one bit.
  8. Northern Zone
    Right here..
  9. The Lodge
    We finally managed to see enough birds to bag some limits.
  10. Waterfowl Q & A
    Do you guys hunt Private Land, Public Land, or Hunt Clubs/Leased Land
  11. Decoy Forum
    First I would like to say WOW on the decoys, beautiful birds! I got a few hunts in with them over the long weekend, but the divers didn't seem to be working my spread very well for me this weekend. Friday I did end up with a pair of hoodies that dive bombed pass. Here are a couple of pictures...
  12. Surrounding States
    I am heading down on Friday to Kansas for a weekend hunt. Anyone been our around the state? I will probably be down in Marais de Cygnes. Hoping for a good hunt
  13. The Lodge
    Saturday my boy Dain (username GreatDain)and I Left the house at 4:30am in hopes of a better hunt than what we been having. Seen lots of ducks right off the bat, they would take a quick look and move down river. At about 8:30 we had a big group of mallards circle us, so told Dain to call them...
  14. Southern Zone
    A couple guys went out in the south zone today, shot 4, didnt get skunked!
  15. Mississippi River Zone
    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and relatively new to Iowa hunting in general. I'm 21 and I grew up hunting in Illinois with family and friends. I live and hunt in an area that is 20 minutes south of Joliet, IL and surrounded by the Braidwood, Dresden, and Lasalle nuclear power plants. This...
  16. The Lodge
    Hey, Duckslayer and I are going out tomorrow on my boat, and we have room for another if anyone wants to jump in. I'll be heading from the Des Moines area, and he'll be going from the Ames area. If you're from either area and are interested, shoot me a pm in the next hour or so. We'll be...
  17. Gun Dog Forum
    Does anyone run tests or trials in the spring summer? I am going to try and run some more this next year. Ran my dog in the Mississippi valley HRC test last year and had a pretty good time. Just wondering who else runs them.
  18. The Lodge
    Me and 8 others headed out this morning started slow seeing zero for the first couple hours then man did they come in. Shot are nine man limit. sure was a good time
  19. The Lodge
    My buddy and I decided to head up by new hampton to where my cabin is and do some hunting. Got a mix bag of 3 GWT, 1 BWT, a mallard, and a goose(which was my buddys first). pretty fun day overall. OH!!! And dont forget the two crows :)
  20. Gun Dog Forum
    Looking to see who hunts in Iowa with something that isn't a lab. Post pics too. Any GSP, Wirehairs, PP, etc? Curious to see what fellow Iowans have.
1-20 of 167 Results