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  1. DIY Waterfowl Gear
    Has anyone tried to build an "ice eater" out of a trolling motor? Looking to use stuff I have around the house without spending a bunch of money. Have a couple of ideas but was wondering what people have tried. What has work or maybe even what hasn't worked? Thanks again for any help
  2. The Lodge
    Well back surgeries and other health issues tried to whoop me but I win !!!! Wifes fine kids fine I am alive!!! I know ya all missed me.
  3. Classifieds
    My buddy is trying to get his lab to a good home before he goes to Colorado. She is one year old with all her shots she isn't fixed and I'm not sure if he has the papers. She is a black lab full bred. She's a smaller dog also. Let me no asap with a pm, text, or phone call. 319 464 4739
  4. Big Game Forum
    just thought i would share what i found.. myself along with alot of others people can guess what a deer scores and be within 5" either way pretty consistantly...but not everyone has the time to take it to get offically scored and alot of times its not worth the time and or money if the buck isnt...
  5. Gun Dog Forum
    Hey guys I just received a not so good e-mail from a dog training friend of mine. Cory was told he has a health condition that is going to not allow him to continue to train. I am going to be out of town this weekend until late Sunday evening (hunt test season starts) . Cory has some very good...
  6. The Lodge
    Snow goose video on home page, theres just a couple birds in that video :shock: 3-4 weeks out for our Squaw trip :D
  7. Sports Talk
    Your luck runs out. You are who we thought you were. Closer than it should have been on the scoreboard. If you watched the game it felt like a blow out. Total domination for 3 quarters! Prevent defense gives up a couple freebies to keep the fans watching. Tougher road ahead if the Steelers...
  8. The Lodge Press play on the video.
  9. Big Game Forum
    New video from Hook and Hunt TV on the home page
  10. Sports Talk
    Welcome back home Randy.....
  11. The Lodge
    I know its not waterfowl stuff, but... 15 year - 3.75% 20 year - 4.25% 30 year - 4.50 % As of yesterday, low rates, banks are getting flooded again on re-fi's.
  12. The Lodge
    Home page is up, press on the Iowa logo top left to view it. Press forum, left side to get back to the forum page. We appreciate the work on the home page Kevin, Thank you. Re-set the home page (if you want) on your favorites, different URL. I will try and post different videos from sponsors or...
  13. The Lodge
    In the next month or two we will be putting a home page on this site like the WI site (with video) , just a heads up. To avoid going through the home page, save the forum board as the link to the site (if you choose to do so). If you go through the home page, click on...
  14. Field Hunting
    Squaw Creek Missouri, under 30 days. Good Luck Murral, let us know how you did, we have the following weekend, same guide , video on home page from Squaw Creek....
  15. Gun Dog Forum
    Has anyone made their own ruff stands or something of the same likeness? After hunting my dog today I can definately tell he does not enjoy having to sit in the water under a patch of willows and I will not pay $180 for one, don't get me wrong, my dog rocks the avery emblem on everything I have...
  16. The Lodge
    Disclosure when selling your home! When selling a home, legally the owners must disclose everything that is wrong with it. In my humble opinion, the following is not revealed often enough.....
  17. The Lodge
    Listen to this one!!!!!
  18. The Lodge
    Do we need a home page??? I have one on the Wisconsin site Please give us ideas for site upgrades. Thank you.
1-19 of 21 Results