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  1. The Lodge
    Last 30 days state hits detail for iawaterfowlers: Visits via 208 cities, top 65 listed (and remember, your IP could get registered from the town next to you, if a question, click on this site and it will let you know ) and yes, 22 is listed twice.
  2. Deer Forum Gal hit this one in WI, they are talking it could be one of the largest whitetails ever killed with a bow by a female.
  3. The Lodge
    Iowa hits and what cities (general info) via 182 cities Top 22 cities hits on the site All States have hit the site, the darker green, the more hits. Top 22 states
  4. The Lodge
    Pic I took on Monday hauling dekes back to the trailer from the pothole
  5. The Lodge
    Squad car hits deer Watch "Squad car hits deer"
  6. Sports Talk
    MIAMI (AP)—Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte Stallworth hit and killed a pedestrian with his Bentley on Saturday morning on a busy causeway linking Miami and Miami Beach, police said. Stallworth was headed toward the beach when he hit Mario Reyes, 59, around 7 a.m., said Miami Beach police...
  7. The Lodge
    Listen to this one!!!!!
  8. The Lodge
    Hits from around the state.
1-8 of 8 Results