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  1. Sports Talk
    28th major leaguer to hit the milestone, Jeter the 28th member of 3,000-hit club. Derek Jeter becomes 28th member of 3,000-hit club - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN
  2. The Lodge
    Hey guys- Our new DVD is getting closer to being finalized, in the mean time, message me on here and I will send you "Working for Waterfowl" for ten dollars with free shipping. Thanks! Is it turkey time yet?
  3. Conservation Forum
    REPUBLICANS RAID REAP FUNDS & FORMULA in DM Des Moines, Iowa – House Republicans have cut funding and proposed a change to the formula for Resource Enhancement and Protection for Iowa (REAP) grants which will nearly end efforts to purchase or restore lands in Iowa to improve fish and...
  4. The Lodge
    Just saw this in the paper. Hate seeing this stuff.
  5. Northern Zone
    welp went up to hunt the lakes yesterday and started the morning on a pheasant hunt ended up shooting 4 and found someone elses cripple, hit a corn field for some afternoon geese and shot 2 werent really decoying but got em as they passed over checking us out. A few geese in the area :wink...
  6. The Lodge
    Was looking at the weather across the mid west and looks like South Dakota and Nebraska could possibly get up to 17 inches of snow in the next couple of days. North to North west winds could reach up to 38 mph. With a little praying there might some new ducks getting pushed in as long as the...
  7. The Lodge
    [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Last day to voice your opinion This is what I sent to all of the above people......Hold them accountable...
  8. The Lodge
    Tons of geese in this area and all hitting chisled fields, lots of flagging and just enough calling to grab interest. Six big canadas, and if only shooting time would last 5 mins. longer. Had a good time and hopefully have luck on oour side tomarrow also, didnt have the wife along for the good...
1-8 of 9 Results