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  1. The Lodge
    So who was the crazy bast*rd they had pinned down in the woods just north of coralville res tonight? We were coming out at like 430 and the cops and dnr wouldn't let you through and were armed with their assault rifles and weren't letting anyone in or out. We had to go out west of the shooting...
  2. Southern Zone
    is it locked up yet? i am sure the channel is open but anything else? or any one been to cone lately
  3. The Lodge
    we hunted hawkeye today and when we got back to the ramp there it was this OLD RED DODGE Truck with a new boat trailer behind it and a few thousand stickers All over it only 1 guy in Iowa would drive that thing for some of you that do not know about him just call him LYnn. B thats all I'm saying.
  4. Southern Zone
    Anyone else here for the gangbang? Lol I can see about 20 lights. Hope it keeps the birds moving enough to make my 3:30 alarm worth it. Good luck to all and may the skybusters get stuck in the mud.
  5. The Lodge
    Anybody catch the finals? All 3 winners dominated and Dennis made one slip that cost him the title. If marion had gotten the takedown at the edge of the mat in the 1st period instead of giving up 2 he would have probally won also. But the Hawks are dominating just like the Gable era the...
  6. The Lodge
    what the heck is this???? Apparently a bowl win propels you into global stardom
  7. Sports Talk
    I'm calling last place on those guys at the end of the season. 4 little white guys and Cole as a team. Way to recruit! :x
  8. Sports Talk
    Is anyone else thinking we had it good with Alford right about now? Do we even have any starters returning from last year at this point it seems like their all getting out of dodge.
  9. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    This guy is local to the quad cities and makes a good call. Not a shameless plug, just saw on his web site that he makes Iowa Hawkeye calls and thought someone may be interested in them as collectables. If he made Michigan Wolverine calls then he might be...
  10. The Lodge
    Hawkeye Geese Are Great -- Late! Now's the time for savvy sportsmen to plan for a fall intercept of Canada and snow geese at select public areas throughout Iowa. Read on for top places near you to consider. A Christmas goose isn't out of the question for late-season Hawkeye hunters. Hunting...
1-10 of 10 Results