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  1. The Lodge
    Just wondering if anyone is hunting Hartford. Last I knew it was flooded out with no vegetation. Anybody been down there lately?
  2. Southern Zone
    Anyne been over to see how it looks?
  3. Southern Zone
    I haear the dike is fixed but they are not pumping. Does anyone know why? How about Swan refuge area? Jamie
  4. Southern Zone
    Stopped by big hartford today and it looks like it doesn't have much water. Didn't really get out and walk much but it looks like the west channel is the only way of getting a boat in. Has anyone put a boat in yet? I was wishing I had my boat when I got there so I could see how much water it...
  5. Southern Zone
    Went down to Hartford and Swan areas this past weekend and both areas are full of water. You can put a boat into both areas if you wanted to. It will be interesting if they get the chance to fix the levees and road. They will not be planting any crops in either area nor the Swan Refuge. It...
  6. Southern Zone
    Hey, does anyone know how to get ahold of Chuck Kakac? I have been calling the number they have listed on the Iowa DNR website but I keep getting a message from the cell phone company that says the number is unavailable. I was wanting to know if they are going to fix the levee at Big Hartford...
  7. Southern Zone
    A buddy of mine headed down to Hartford to look around. 1000's of Pelicans and very little water. HOPEFULLY they will pump some water in to it. He saw 3 ducks. Went to the little side and it is gated off clear at the top of the road.
1-7 of 7 Results