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  1. The Lodge
    What happened to Denny haven't seen him on here in awhile and I send him a pm but to no avail. Anybody know? Denny where'd ya go?
  2. The Lodge
    Every now and then you hear of a guy shooting a sea duck here in Iowa. This morning I knocked down a drake mallard, walk over to get it and look up and two ducks are locked right up on me standing in the decoys doing moch 10(I thought bluebills for sure), they get to 15 yds before I can even...
  3. The Lodge
    i got kicked off of iowa outdoors. i dont know what im gonna do know since i can heckle some greenhorns. what a joke
  4. Southern Zone
    For three long years of hunting, i got my first goose on my own. went down south today and not many birds, but enough to get it. not only did i get one, IT WAS BANDED!!!!! i was so excited, i almost had a heart attack. only got to hunt the afternoon since our car got stuck in the ditch on a...
  5. The Lodge
    Wins a couple calling contests and gets to be on a hunting show and all the sudden he's to good for us? Or maybe he's grounded?
  6. Decoy Forum
    Was surfing the net looking for the old el cheapos and they evidently don't make them anymore. Looking for the one peice ones where they all look the same, not the dumb looking aqua vac ones. The floaters they make now are 4 for 60$. :?
  7. The Lodge
    :( you know when i first started duck hunting you grabbed you decoys, loaded up your boat, which was usually covered with a blind that you spent time weaving on a blind loom, and headed off to your favorite marsh or pothole. You took time to study the wind,and set your decoys, then you headed...
1-7 of 8 Results