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    Any one ever hunted ND or S. Manitoba on their own?? What was it like to find birds, get permission................any info would be greatly appreciated. like to take my 2 boys but the fees are pretty steep. I know they have a short season and w/equipmeent, scouting.........there probably worth...
  2. Fishing Forum
    Groupon Ice Fishing guided trip, not a bad deal. Yes I know its Green Bay and a little far to drive, but it's good for me. Sick day coming soon to fish a Friday on Lake Michigan :D... Like fishing for compliments, fishing for fish requires...
  3. The Lodge
  4. The Lodge
    Im lookin for a good outfitter for some spring snows. Preferebly in NE or KS and as far west as possible. Great dogs are a must and I really don't wanna spend over $350 for a weekend hunt. Ill be going solo (unless any of you guys wanna join) and I dont know if many places allow that. Does...
  5. The Lodge
    We booked our guided hunt for the fall on Lake Michigan thru a sponsor on the WI site This will be the 1st layout boat hunt for me. Looking forward to the hunt around Halloween weekend. I still want to book (but doubt I will) a spring snow goose hunt. We booked a...
1-5 of 5 Results