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  1. The Lodge
    Who Dat? ^ was 49ers win
  2. New Member Introductions
    I dont think i posted on here when i became a member. Anyway I'm Curt, live in Grinnell, and grew up in Ackley. I'm currently a hunting guide for IMB Outfitters, and when i'm not taking rich people on deer and turkey hunts, i spend my time chasing waterfowl. I'm allways willing to make new...
  3. The Lodge
    Cam and I headed out of town this morning to the guys house that is building my Taj Mahal of duck blinds. On the way home we passed one of our properties we have and one of the ponds was LOADED with great big fat stupid honkers. Come on opening morning. Thank you. You may now return to the...
  4. The Lodge
    on the Avery boards. Thread about diffrences and what guys liked about DD and GHG. I posted that I ran all Avery/GHG gear exclusively and was thinking about making a change. Thread sat there for a day or so and then POOF! Guess I shouldn't have said that.
  5. The Lodge
    I was sitting in my chair by the window and had the window open a bit like always and I heard a faint squeak. I grabbed the remote and hut mute and listened AND SURE ENOUGH! It was geese flying over. I ran outside and it was too dark to see anything but the geese were moving. I wold say they...
  6. The Lodge
    I also want to get the preener, seeing how all I have is GHG is there anyone out there that would like to trade one for one of that Big Foot style? Easy to install and they look great
1-6 of 7 Results