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  1. Northern Zone
    Anyoe been up there in the past day or so i heard they dropped the water like 1 ft or 2?????? Musta had something to do with everyone leaving at midnight in the no wake area on the opener.....
  2. The Lodge
    Jackson County Wrestles with Holes in Iowa Levee | KCRG-TV9 | Cedar Rapids, Iowa News, Sports, and Weather | Local News Anyone know much about this? What's the duck hunting going to be like this year? Other than the a slugfest for a spot.:25:
  3. Conservation Forum
    WARM CONDITIONS PROMPT WARNING OF BLUE-GREEN ALGAE BLOOMS DES MOINES â€" Rapidly warming weather and water temperatures have prompted concerns about microcystin, a product of blue-green algae. Sun Valley Lake, a private lake and development in Taylor County, reported a small fish kill on...
  4. Sports Talk
    Easy win for Green bay this weekend at Lambeau :D Packers win by 7
  5. Hunting Gear
    Seriously I want some opinions is this green enough for hunting a hay field???
  6. The Lodge
    Figure I better delete some photos as I wasn't suppose to be takeing photos inside the factory. Old man retired today after 40yrs.
  7. The Lodge
    Tractor that was stuck for 5 days. They hooked on 2 tractors like this on and all they would do is break chains. They used a bachoe to dig and it got stuck. It they would of been using something like this they never would of gotten stuck
  8. Classifieds
    $100 shipped interfenace green hunted one season. No trades. located in Des Moines IA.
  9. Conservation Forum
    DES MOINES- Iowa Green Corps, in conjunction with AmeriCorps and the DNR, is looking for six people who want to lead Iowa's rebuilding green efforts for the next twelve months. Green Iowa AmeriCorps Program kicked off this week with the Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service approving AmeriCorps...
  10. Mississippi River Zone
    Was talking to a fellow duck hunter today, and he heard the DNR isn't talking about fixing the **** until November this could be bad news for alot of us. Anyone hear anything else on this???????
1-10 of 10 Results