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  1. The Lodge
    This is a great illustration I saw on facebook. The president is standin on the constitution, and the man sitting on the bench symbolises the American worker. :stirthepot:
  2. Fishing Forum
    Just wondering if anyone would like to share some knowledge about the boji's and spirit lake. Still nothing to fish over her on pool 12, hopefully with this cold spell might get a couple inches on some backwater, but the forecast is not looking good again. I'm gunna drive out west this coming...
  3. The Lodge
    Just got home from Squaw Creek in Mound City Mo. Many of the county roads are still closed due to the flooding, some roads are gone! Very sad to see how many acres of crops were gone. Yes there are still birds at the refuge! I have been around Squaw for many years and the reports from Dec. 22...
  4. The Lodge
    I drove out to my Outdoor classroom I have for school. The neighbor to my north is a former student who farms, years ago just after I lost my son Nate Blaine wanted to do something in his honor along with 2 other former students we lost that year. Blaine built a new pond to raise Swans for the...
  5. The Lodge
    I just got this from my mom and thought I would share. This was written and is going to be continued by a friend of my Uncle Jerry's. Jerry was my dads oldest brother and the reason why my family has a lot of its hunting and fishing heritage...sadly he passed my senior year of high school in a...
  6. The Lodge
    my brother and a buddy and myself treked to an area where some ducks have been holding some water open. we were just a little bit to far out of the flight path to run traffic, but if i had to estimate we saw well over 20k ducks. got 3 flocks to commit...the last one was well over 1k birds...
  7. Waterfowling Stories
    Had a nice little evening hunt, an IAW outing at it's finest. TheDuckSlayer, Ghillie, Wendlwacker, and myself hit a field in the Ames area. Our field goose hunt turned into a duck hunt, as the geese flew super early and didn't seem to want to commit, but the ducks didn't mind it one bit.
  8. The Lodge
    Saturday my boy Dain (username GreatDain)and I Left the house at 4:30am in hopes of a better hunt than what we been having. Seen lots of ducks right off the bat, they would take a quick look and move down river. At about 8:30 we had a big group of mallards circle us, so told Dain to call them...
  9. Sports Talk
    Cheese head! High five Packer fans!
  10. The Lodge
    Anyone have a good place to put this sign?
  11. The Lodge
    When you go pick up your buddies and there still in bed and its the opener!!
  12. The Lodge
    Well this morning Dad and I decided to give a field a try for the first time, and we had success. The reason why the hunt is dedicated to my Great Uncle is because him and my dad used to hunt together around 40 years ago. My Great Uncle has been gone now for over 20 years and he left my Dad a...
  13. The Lodge
    It's always awesome on a Friday night to get a call from SHazam debit card fraud dept. It looks like there has been suspicious activity on your card. Have you authorized payments for Big O Tires in Scappose Oregon? Ummm...No I didn't What about the tire stores in Utah? Umm..Nope OK...
  14. The Lodge
    Last evening we went out in Aberdeen for an afternoon goose hunt. The guys I was hunting with haven't hunted much with "trained" dogs so I was showing them my dog's blind retrieving and they made the point that if a flock shorts us that I could send my dog "Deuce" to get them up. Little did we...
  15. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, Just like to introduce myself. My name is John, i am 21 years old I live in Southwest Iowa. been waterfowling for a great 6 years now, started off hunting upland game, then into bowhunting monster whitetail, but havent got the chance to shoot a nice one. then into waterfowling...
  16. The Lodge
    Great fathers day/weekend. My daughter had a little league softball tournament this weekend (5 games) and won the championship game. Exciting games, lots of parents yelling at the umps :D. She pitched for the 1st time in the 3rd game, received the game ball from the 4th game and won a 1st place...
  17. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    149 in Northwest Missouri on Sat March 12. An absolute blast with some great friends.
  18. The Lodge
    149 in Northwest Missouri on Sat March 12. An absolute blast with some great friends.
  19. The Lodge
    Had a good day to end the season 12 honkers and 4 bands!!! Not too bad!! What a season!!
  20. Conservation Forum
    Pass this along as it will be a way to reconnect our youth to the great outdoors. Kids get to pick the name for the outdoors program Please feel free to share this information with friends and family! Thanks EVERYONE Bill
1-20 of 64 Results