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  1. The Lodge
    "I don't like repeat offenders, I like dead offenders"
  2. The Grill
    I have been wanting to make my own brats for awhile now and made up about 6 pounds yesterday. I was looking for a good recipe that would put some of this deer to use. I used LEM backwoods brat seasoning and casings. I used a 85/15 ratio of venison to pork fat and followed the directions from...
  3. Sports Talk
    Mother chokes daughter during Packers loss Views31423Comments133 EmailPrintFacebookDiggRSSShare 07:26 AM ET 12.21 | Police say a drunken woman repeatedly choked her 11-year-old daughter on Sunday after becoming angered by the poor play of the Green Bay Packers. The 36-year-old Grand Chute...
  4. Field Hunting
    Had a good shoot tonight. 4 of us were 3 shy of a limit of greenheads plus we had a bonus gaddy. It sucks that the season ends tomorrow, lots of ducks on the big lake still.
  5. Hunting Gear
    Kinda eyeballing some of these & Misses Claus is seeing sale signs.
  6. The Lodge
    Going to put the duck decoys away and hunt geese the rest of the year. Poorest year we have had hunting here in 31 years. Poorest being total numbers, and the million dollar question is why? I live 65 miles east of the Mo. River, flooding for several months this summer filled everything that...
  7. Gun Dog Forum
    I have a 9 year old German shorthair he is a great pheasant dog, but I recently got hooked on duck hunting because of the lack of pheasants. Does anybody on here duck hunt over a shorthair? I have taken him out a couple times but he won't sit still and always wanting to run around and look for...
  8. The Lodge
    We finally managed to see enough birds to bag some limits.
  9. Southern Zone
    Considering how awful of a year we've had duck hunting, I've had two good Thanksgiving weekend hunts. On Wednesday we killed four. I got my first bufflehead on Wednesday and my buddy got a mount-worthy drake bufflehead. He also shot a redhead and I got a bluewing that day. I hit the bluewing...
  10. The Lodge
    broke ice but it turned into a good day...eggs, hash browns and sausage, and hot coffee;)
  11. Gun Dog Forum
    L ost my 12 year old lab today.Ruger was my 1st lab and we had many enjoyable hunts together.gonna miss the old man but i do have a 4 year old daughter out of him. R I P RUGER
  12. Deer Forum
    Well we went down to a buddies land Thursday evening planning to do the 3-day hunt. My Dad and I set out Friday morning to our stands. The morning started of relatively slow with me only seeing one dink at about 7:45 AM. I didn't see another deer till about 12:15PM and it was a 120" or so buck...
  13. Hunting Gear
    Texas decoy rig supplies- good price??
  14. The Lodge
    Thought I would get over not posting when the lucky man won the Tangle free give away. I miss not seeing what folks have to say so I miss you. Drakeslayer23 hope school is not boring, and everyone else have a safe north opener and good luck. Dean
  15. The Lodge
    this is a pond that is right up the street from my parents house. for years the citizens have complained about the geese. i love the antis comments at the bottom, i couldnt help but chime in
  16. Sports Talk
    All you people who went on here and thought Steele was the next Seneca Wallace or this big stud well now you got to see how good he looked against a real defense and actual talent instead of that slow excuse of a defense that Iowa calls a defense! The Hawkeyes should be even more embarrassed...
  17. Field Hunting
    We made it out this morning and poked a few birds. We had a hell of time finishing the birds, but they worked us over pretty well. I have a few videos, but I need to figure out how to edit out the cussing before I put it on here. I did not realize I was so creative in my swearing. From left...
  18. Sports Talk
    Well the Hawks put together there most complete game of the year so far! The passing game has finally turned into what I thought it could, once Okeefe opened up the playbook and actually called plays that suited the style and talent level he has. But in his defense Ferentz might have been...
  19. Field Hunting
    Well good luck this weekend guys. I have to work during the day all weekend so I won't be killing any geese. I'm from central Iowa, and I used to have some spots back home where I could go out in the evening and pass shoot a limit, but I haven't found any spots like that over here in Eastern...
  20. The Lodge
    hey all... just wanted to say good luck to all for tomorrows north zone opener. unfortunately i'm stuck in new york city till october 7th...possibly october 11. just remember to be respectful, safe and have fun! the good news is i should have some good free time coming up in november and...
1-20 of 159 Results