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  1. Turkey Forum
    Well this morning started off pretty crappy! Had 3 toms roosted not far from me. As it slowly started to get light out I heard a weird hen call. Hmm..another hunter. Look across the ravine and just on the other side of the fence there is a blind, approx 80 yards away. Great!! (he was thinking...
  2. Turkey Forum
    His beard is about 1/3 as thick as it was as I frontal shot him in strut. I apologize for the crappy cell pic but I forgot my camera. You sure have a great turkey population in your great state.
  3. Turkey Forum
    Well ended up filling my 3rd season tag Sunday morning at 6:39 AM after a long weekend of hunting. Hunted Friday and Saturday in the wind and rain. Saturday had birds gobbling good but couldn't get any to come to the call. Sunday morning woke up to clear skies and no wind. When we were pulling...
  4. Turkey Forum
    Went down to Southern Iowa for some turkey hunting this weekend with Reknobbers and Benelli. Went out Saturday morning and seen a few hens but that was it, on the way back we seen this guy with 4 other toms strutting in a field. I happened to be the only guy with a shotgun tag so the fat kid...
  5. Turkey Forum
    Just Returned from Nebraska after a few day hunt with some friends, it was action packed but cold with brutal winds up to 45 mph. I called a group of 10 gobblers in yesterday morning and the boss bird got right in the face of my DSD jake. At 7 yds I put an arrow in him and he was down for the...
  6. Turkey Forum
    Arrowed a nice bird this morning! 8) I can honestly say the past 2 weeks have been draining! I could have filled my tags many times over with a gun, but those days are over. The birds are henned up where I am hunting and want nothing to do with coming to decoys or calls--they want you to come...
  7. Turkey Forum
    Make sure you watch the end where they go over to the bird. Check out the cut it made. That's what I'm talkin' about right there.
1-7 of 7 Results