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  1. Gun Dog Forum
    Found out he has ear mites, a lot of dried blood in his ears. I have a sneaky suspision he's had these a long time(the poor thing). Negative on the heartworms. :D Heafty vet bill for everything and were good for another year. Oh and he weighed in at lean 107lbs. :shock:
  2. The Lodge
    It started out ok. Had to take my 2 Belgians to Hibbing to the vet for Coggins test so I can take them to the fair(It is a scam of a test the vets invented) more money Got about 8 miles from home blew a tire on the trailer. Glad my hubby was with. Jacked the trailer up put the emergency tire...
  3. The Lodge
    Guys just a little bit of a topic i had been discusing with my buddies on line and at home.. This site has got to be my best sponser money i have ever spent!!! I have sponsered many other sites including one of the biggest in the waterfowl world of forums... I have sold more calls through this...
  4. The Lodge
    So I'm sitting here listening to some of the smartest people in America talk about money...more specifically hedge funds, and I can't help think how glad I am that I don't know as much about money as these guys. True, I probably would be a lot richer, and I may have a lot more land and...
1-4 of 4 Results