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  1. The Lodge
    :confused:This Saturday my daughter is getting married (1st time). Since they both are avid waterfowlers I thought I would give them my 2006 mv jon boat with a 2006 mercury and a avery blind. Well, my wife (who doesn't hunt) called me a cheap-ass because and said that wasn't a gift we where...
  2. The Lodge
    Tonight I was hanging out with my brother and he told me he had a Christmas present for me that he wanted to give me today before his girlfriend goes on vacation for three weeks. He found this picture on a memory card I left laying around a couple months ago and thought a friend of his could do...
  3. Classifieds
    I have 150 dollars worth of Scheels gift cards. Would sell them for 140 dollars. PM me if ya want them. I am wanting some new waders but Scheels doesn't carry the brand I want.
  4. The Lodge
    Guys Bass Pro is giving away $250 gift cards to the first 250 callers, I was number 13 2 min ago hurry and get on it. 1-800-429-3825
  5. The Lodge
    Well here is a few pics of the weekend project, old bed broke and fell 3 times in the last 6 months, so a new one had to be built. I constructed this from my head, no plans and the desgin is all mine.
  6. The Lodge
    On Oct. 20th it is going to be my wife and my first year wedding anniversary. She got me some new chest waders. I needed some new ones.
1-6 of 6 Results