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  1. Gun Dog Forum
    I have a 9 year old German shorthair he is a great pheasant dog, but I recently got hooked on duck hunting because of the lack of pheasants. Does anybody on here duck hunt over a shorthair? I have taken him out a couple times but he won't sit still and always wanting to run around and look for...
  2. Northern Zone
    Anyone hunting GSP's up here for ducks. My profile pic is of Herman's first duck hunt at almost 1 year old. While he wasn't an expert at bringing them back he found all of them four of wich fell in head high grass behind us. Just interested to see if I am a lone duck.
  3. Gun Dog Forum
    Does anyone or know of anyone that uses it for waterfowl hunting? And what are your thoughts on it, im thinking bout getting..
  4. Classifieds
    I have to let one of my dogs go. He is gun shy but a really good dog. He is good with kids, love to run, stay outside all day but comes in at night because i let my older dog in. Really Really birdy.
1-5 of 7 Results