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  1. Gun Dog Forum
    I have been taking my lab goose hunting every weekend and she loves tackeling geese but I am having a hard time getting her to bring them to me. She has no problem water retrieving but in the field that's a different story. Is it because her teeth are still developing and the weight is hard on...
  2. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    I am thinking about going snow goose for the 1st time and looking into going to Nebraska. Can any of you give me any advice on an area to look into? And water or field hunting? Like I said I have never done it and want to give it a try
  3. Northern Zone
    Just wondering if anyone was hunting in the hamilton and wright county areas. Was looking to maybe do some goose hunting over break.
  4. Southern Zone
    The geese wre playin nice today
  5. The Lodge
    I coming from MI in Jan to hunt deer in the Griswold area. My buddies have been going there for years. I'm interested to talking to the land owner about snow geese. I'm wondering if there is any spring snow goose hunting in that area in the spring? :confused:
  6. Field Hunting
    I have permission to hunt a pretty choice field highly used by stupid birds. Hunted it last weekend and had hundreds of ducks and close to as many geese pile in. We set 2 doz duck dekes and 6 goose shells out with a little gap between. Ducks were landing in the dekes but geese just flew over...
  7. Field Hunting
    What is the best approach to scouting. I haven't hunted geese since I was 16 and I would really like to get back into it again but not sure where to begin with scouting. I know I need to put the miles on the truck to find the geese but how far out should I start scouting? Many evenings I...
  8. Southern Zone
    Not trying to jump in on anyones spot, but I have been scouting geese for a week and haven't seen very many at all. My buddy seen alot flying down the Missouri river but that's all I have heard of any geese spotted in the area. Seen a lot during the duck opener but can't seem to find any around
  9. Field Hunting
    Will geese go into the wind from roost and head back with wind pushing them.? Heard a guy say this but didn't know if it had much truth. Thanks
  10. Field Hunting
    Need recommendations on how to get some geese to cross a road to hit a bean field.there hitting a big corn field now that I can't get into at the moment but have access to the half picked beans across the road. Hope to put out 32 full bodies and another 25 magnum shells. Am I missing anything...
  11. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    i have never blown a goose call before in my life but my buddy has talked me into buying a layout blind and trying to goose hunt from the field. he has all the decoys and can call pretty well. I was just wondering what would a decent call be for a beginner (not top of the line but not the...
  12. The Lodge
    private ground i have in illinois is gettin picked right now and the geese are comin to it,guess you know where ill be tomorrow:)
  13. Classifieds
    GHG Lookers $130- Few seasons old with a few nics and scratches. Flocking on heads is worn in places but all standard wear. Bass Pro Floater $30- Several seasons old, Paint is fairly worn but could be touched up. Zink Money Maker $80- Couple seasons old, standard lanyard wear. Zink PH2...
  14. The Lodge
    On one of the houses across from mine
  15. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    Made it out saturday with a couple buddies from college saturday for a hunt in the northwest part of the state. Saw TONS of specks and snows and deffinatly could have done better had they not lost the e-caller speaker the day before. Ended the day with 4 ross's, 2 juvie blues, and 6 juvie snow...
  16. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    Spring Snow Goose Outfitter Info - Show Me Snow Geese Video - (Cannot copy info from the site, copy function disabled on site)
  17. Field Hunting
    I was just browsing youtube and found this dude "hunting geese" I figured some of you might get a laugh out of this
  18. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    What does everyone do with there snow geese??? I have heard people just pitch them and some eat them. I have never hunted them so was just wondering.
  19. The Lodge
    Finally got some birds at lease. Its been pretty slow with the biggest take of the year being 14 ducks, which I wasnt there due to work, but we got 6 geese today over noon hr. I had to leave at 1 to work for the weekend so I will see how the day went but it took an inch of snow after an inch of...
1-20 of 75 Results