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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi have not been DUCK hunting in Iowa yet first year for duck need info I live down by cape mo oh and if anyone has any old stuff plz consider talking to me if u don't want it I'm a young hunter with the passion to hunt and plan to do for the rest of my life thank u
  2. The Lodge
    I'm curious how many of you have made some of your own gear, blinds, calls, and so on. I over the years I have made several items for hunting from tree stands to a wind duck. But I never made notes on what I used and where I bought the parts from in come case. I have been fooling around items...
  3. Northern Zone
    Just got back from Scheels in Mankato,Mn. Went to their waterfowl expo. I added a 12 slot FBB duck.bought 6 additional GHG mallard feeders.1- Br big goose call and the Banded calls Wreck'n ball. And mama said expected me to have gotten more:). Think I better get 2 swans as confidence...
  4. Sponsor News & Listings
    Thank you for re-upping sponsorship Jason, we appreciate it. Please check out Heavy Hauler for your outdoor gear needs Heavy Hauler Outdoor Gear Info from Heavy Haulers website; Welcome to Heavy Hauler Outdoor Gear. If you are in search of top quality call lanyards, whistle lanyards, dog...
  5. Classifieds
    shirts all large. wore 1 of them 1 time. need more room for my ed hardy, affliction and tapout shirts. hat brand new just collecting dust. everything $65 shipped or B.O.
  6. Classifieds
    Looking for a tent, auger, poles, any gear :)
  7. The Lodge
    Same as last contest, pick a # 1-1000, closest without going over wins. The number will be randomly generated using a random # generator at . 1 guess per person. Contest will end Jan 8th at midnight ONYX has put up one of their Cove Cushions for this one, a multi-function cushion...
  8. Classifieds
    All items were bought within the past 2 months and only worn 2 to 3 times. Like as brand new as you can get. Going with a different camo. I am interested in Field Proven calls, RNT calls, Medium Dog vest or anything else. 1)2 XL Natural Gear Fleece hooded sweatshirt. $45 shipped-fits like xl 2)...
  9. Hunting Gear
    Love my patternmaster!!! Absolutely Love my Windshear sweater from Cabelas!!! Love my Mad Bomber hat!!! All are a must when the weather gets cold, not that the patternmaster does anything other than kill birds which warms my sole! :twisted:
  10. Classifieds
    I have a pair of 4x4 natural gear pants that have been used for one year. They are in good shape and I can send pictures to your e-mail. Asking $25.00 plus actual shipping. Thanks, Jon
  11. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    What up yall! I recently scratched my duck huntin itch and bought a boat. I plan on building a blind to save a little cash. I need the down and dirty on what works best. Also...besides seats, life jackets, paddle...what other gadgets, doohickys, and hooyahs do I need or would be a good idea...
  12. The Lodge
    Iowa City: Man in cowboy gear reportedly threatened dog ASSOCIATED PRESS • January 15, 2010 IOWA CITY, Iowa, (AP) â€" Iowa City police say a drunken man dressed like a cowboy broke into a house and threatened to kill the resident's dog. :lol: Police say 24-year-old Derrick Thomas Alger of...
  13. The Lodge
    Cabelas has some great prices on tons of stuff. Decoys (great prices on some FA and GHG) waterfowl clothing, optics etc. Rogers also is running some great deals right now too if you don't find what you are looking for. If you find it at Cabelas I would check Rogers to compare before pulling...
  14. Classifieds
    Flw Outdoors Rain Gear 4 Sale! Size LG 25 bucks 4 the set :wink:
  15. Classifieds
    Hey Guys, I'm going through cleaning out some gear to make room in the basement and to build some funds to buy gear for the upcoming year. I don't have pics yet. It appears that a gremlin stole my camera. As soon as I can find it, or borrow one, I will post pics.... Calls all prices include...
  16. The Lodge
    :evil: Waterfowl Gear Thieves Anyone who comes across Bigfoots or layout blinds for sale from Woodbury county Iowa please be advised the gear may be stolen property. Please drop me an e mail if you come across any of the two items for sale. 10 to 12 bigfeet and two layout blinds. Will take...
  17. The Lodge
    Gentlemen and ladies, I am excited to show pictures of our NEW Bayou Meta gun sling with Quik Attach duck strap and announce our partnership with Scott Threien in 2009. We will be packaging a copy of the Bad Grammer goose calling CD with each Limit Supreme lanyard. Scott is a 2x World live...
  18. The Lodge
    This would be a good addition to my waterfowl gear........ Watch "Duck Track"
  19. Hunting Gear
    Waterfowl Gear Guide: March 2009 Whitewater DU Sherpa pullover In situations where a heavy coat isn’t necessary, Whitewater’s DU Sherpa pullover can protect you from the elements while offering the flexibility and camouflage for every outdoor adventure. • 1/4 front zip • Cut...
  20. The Lodge
    Check this out!!!!