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  1. The Lodge
    My brother is a chairman for a conservation group looking for ideas on games at a banquet and wanted to know what fun games you guys have played at banquets and how they went down. Thanks for any ideas.
  2. Sports Talk
    No Reason the pack shouldn't beat the bears by 21 minimum on Christmas day. Bears will be starting their 3rd string qb, starting rb Forte is out, wr knox is on the ir, hester if he plays will be playing hurt, o line is shot, briggs and melton on the defense are questionable, Marion Barber is...
  3. Sports Talk
    Anyone know a good site to stream the game online?
  4. Gear Giveaways
    Heavy Hauler waterfowl dvd giveaway, pick a number 0-9 on Packers/Vikings game Final football score on the Vikings/Packers game on 10/23, add the 2 scores, last number will be 0-9. Post a number one time, 0-9, in this thread and this will put you in a pool of the same numbers group. Then we...
  5. The Lodge
    Hey guys, talking to my buddy on how to set a blind at a spot we were going to hunt, and i have look at the rules, but still dont know if we can or not. We were talking about taking some fence post and some burlap material from bass pro and using it as a make shift blind, we would pack...
  6. Sports Talk
    1st NFL game starts tomorrow (line is 4 for the Packers), who's gonna win it all and goto the superbowl, my pick
  7. Decoy Forum
    Cabela's: Zink™ Avian-X AXP Series Full-Body Painted Canada Goose Decoys Spose Dave Smith is kicking the wall? Incredible!
  8. The Lodge
    Nayone ever went to the minnesota game fair? Thinking bout going up this year. Which weekend is typically better? Or does it just depend on what seminars you want to see? I see foiles will be back this year after getting robbed there last year
  9. The Lodge
    I'll let him go into the details if he wants, but congrats to Soggy Bottom Boy, on another little one! Whats this one make,... 15??????:eek:
  10. The Lodge
    wondered if anyone else got hassled this year bout carry 2 guys limits together on a game carrier while walking out when done hunting. had it happen twice to us on opener but that was it. the 2 guys that had them together knew which ones were the ones they shot and the dnr hassled them still...
  11. Deer Forum
    For all of you new guys or members here that like big game hunting. Please check out and sign up for our big game website. The more people and the more it gets active the more giveaways we will do on that site just like on this one!!!
  12. The Lodge
    Guys sign up for and get into the poker room. We are on table Cannon Fodder 3.
  13. Sports Talk
    Pictures of the game (Vikings) NBC did not show
  14. The Lodge
    Guys get registered over on the biggame website. Starting Nov. 1st we are going to have a contest for a free nat gear coat donated by Nat Gear one of our sponsors on the site!!
  15. The Lodge
    Hey everyone go check out the big game site. Kevin just redid the whole layout and it looks great!!! Don't forget to sign up over there as well!!!
  16. IAW Bar & Grill
    try to get as far with her as you can :P Good luck boys
  17. Sports Talk
    Week 1 NFL Line, game one tonight.
1-17 of 56 Results