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  1. Mud Motor Talk
    My son and I have been rebuilding mudmotor props for our motors, by welding up worn blades. We have came up with a more accurate way to regain blade shape and thickness. We make a mold of brand new prop in mortar cement. We then weld up blades and grind them to fit back in mold. Then using lawn...
  2. The Lodge
    We were out brushing up blinds over weekend, found river pretty low between Salsberry and Michun bridge. Ran aground couple times with our surface drive rigs. Any one running outboard should be really carefull, especially when running before daylight.
  3. Mud Motor Talk
    If anyone needs parts for overhauling drive assembly for a Mudbuddy Hyper, the bearings, seals, Goodyear eagle belts can be ordered from Fastnal Supply. Here in Muscatine the store can order every thing you need to rebuild drive less shaft. The shaft can be made here in town also by Precision...
  4. Decoy Forum
    Response (Mitch J) 03/19/2010 04:55 PM Hi Doug, Thank you for contacting cabela' I apologize, but it looks like we discontinued that model, and our stock of decoys are currently low because that is a fall seasonal item. I would recommend checking back for more decoys a little closer to...
  5. FYI

    The Lodge
    A little birdie told me there will be a BIG radar trap on the bypass between the Norwalk exit and Walnut Woods exit on Thurs. Sounded like more in the afternoon then in the morning. Sounds like they are going to be running 20 cars and the laser radar will not be seen.
1-5 of 5 Results