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  1. The Lodge
    Colbert Super PAC - Confused by Rick Parry with an "A" for America - The Colbert Report - 2011-11-08 - Video Clip | Comedy Central
  2. The Lodge
    Have any funny pictures on your computer? Well... post 'em!
  3. Waterfowling Stories
    I thought it would be fun to share some funny stories. A few years ago some friends and I hit a local marsh to chase ducks. Al (AKA Big AL) had put on a few pounds since he bought his neoprene waders, that of his waders shrunk? Thinking ahead Al brought 2 items to help with this problem, 1...
  4. The Lodge
    this always kills me!!!
  5. The Lodge
    My daughter+camera+very patient dog=nothing good for the dog..
1-7 of 8 Results