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  1. Field Hunting
    Wish could have found some more guys to go. Roomate called me during the Iowa/Nebraska game and said he found a good field. After a couple decoy repositioning it was game on! :D:D
  2. The Lodge
    I will be taking Friday off again this week to burn some vacation and if anyone is interested, I would be willing to film your hunt. This footage will be used on Loch'M In's newest DVD, Self Made, if anyone is interested and has hot spot let me know via pm, Thanks Ryan
  3. The Lodge
    Anyone have any tips for Black Friday? Any items you want to pick up? I need to grab a new TV... wondering if I should grab one. But is the stress worth it?
  4. Bird Movement
    It was like the birds went into the fox hole. Hardly any movement this am and never fired a shot. Will have the sections covered tonight to watch multiple areas for bird movement. I will be in my treestand however over looking the power plant watching them come and go to mark movement time...
  5. The Lodge
    Was a cold crisp morning. Had to bust ice all the way out which is interesting to do in a sneak boat but it worked. We got one hen mallard and that was it. Only draw back is we left to early. The geese started coming in once we were back at the dock. Here are some pics.
  6. The Lodge Black Friday Deals Week Starts Now, outdoor gear....
  7. Northern Zone
    Was just hunting for bands had 60 geese on the ground, could not tell if their were any bands or not as they landed? Sam was not likeing this very well she whined and just looked at me, I could see it in her eyes, shoot them!! Whats wrong with you!!
  8. The Lodge
    I shop online on black friday, one great deal I've seen is Norton anti virus. I pay 50 bucks a year for Norton anti virus, Dell has it reduced to $9.99, good deal (today only)...
  9. The Lodge
    What is everyone up to tonight???? I am just hanging out waiting for the morning to come so we can go kill some honkers...... Or should I say try to kill some honkers.
  10. Conservation Forum
    Event Details: Arrowhead DU BBQ Contest When: Friday, July 11, 2008 Event Type: Barbecue Location: Ankeny, IA Contact Name: Chuck Streeter Phone: (515)244-2872 Contact Email: [email protected] Arrowhead DU BBQ Contest Ankeny, Iowa 2 days-Begins 7/11-7/12 2008...
1-10 of 10 Results