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  1. The Lodge
    I purchased this at Scheels for $4.99 on sale and figured I would give it a shot. Holy spoonies! I couldn't figure out for the life of me why they would drop flocks of spoonies when there were other ducks flying around. I could see shooting one or two but they were really going to town on the...
  2. Decoy Forum
    Goose Flocking kits Duck flocking kits
  3. The Lodge
    If anyone is interested in going to Brookings I'm heading up there on Saturday June 27 in the morning and will head back on Sunday. My dad and buddies have stuff going on so I'm looking to split the costs. Shoot me a pm if interested.
  4. The Lodge
    I'm not putting much a dent in my honker and snow meat in the freezer. I was thinking of throwing them all together and takeing them to the locker for some goose sticks. My question is do the locker people ever say anything about steal shot in the breasts? I'll probably be wanting to mix with...
  5. The Lodge
    Ok so I'm working with my dog and have been using different bumpers as well as a couple of the Dokken Dead Fowl training dummies. I have two mallard one's, my question is the Canada goose worth buying to help the dog related to the bigger size of a goose? Has anyone used one and would you...
  6. Decoy Forum
    Fowl Weather LED Lucky Duck Decoy, has anyone tried this??????
  7. Outdoor Photography
    click on the picture for the slide show.
1-7 of 8 Results