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  1. Northern Zone
    Right here..
  2. The Lodge
    If you or someone you know lost a hunting coat recently at a north central Iowa lake, shoot me a PM.
  3. Deer Forum
    Found another shooter in the timber now if he would show up during the daylight.............
  4. The Lodge
    I found a bag of decoys in the middle of Stewart Road this morning south of Muscatine while I was on my way to Lake Odessa. If you or one of your friends lost some get ahold of me on here through a pm or 563-260-zero two seven five and I'll gladly return them if your description matches what I have.
  5. Deer Forum
    Been running the deer cameras for about a month now. Been seeing a few small bucks but we found the bigger guy now.
  6. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    Check this thing out:D Duck boat-Trailer-"Big Momma" blind
  7. The Lodge
    A buddy of mine was trying to find two crippled geese that we lost out at Coralville on Thursday, and he noticed something shiny in one of the disked fields. He dug it out, and it was a goose band. He has to be the luckiest kid I have ever met. Both of the geese we lost were banded. (I was out...
  8. The Lodge
    Its also on public land, the dnr does pull off some good stuff once in a while! Probably about 10 acre field here.
  9. The Lodge
    Found these yesterday behind the house. They tasted great last night and tonight!!!
  10. The Lodge
    I think this boat would blend in great with a decoy spread. Swans are good confidence decoys :) Enjoy the laughter. Huff Swan Boat for sale
  11. The Lodge
    My boy found a beat up old john boat in the middle of the timber. It is out on some public ground a long ways from water. Probably got there during one of the floods. It was there last year if it is the same one I remember. He wants to drag it home. Does anyone know what the procedures are...
  12. The Lodge
    In the late fall and early winter months, snow-covered mountains become infested with hunters. One ambitious pair climbed high up a mountain in search of their quarry. The trail crossed a small glacier that had crusted over. The lead hunter had to stomp a foot-hold in the snow, one step at a...
  13. The Lodge
    I was wondering if anybody was missing a pair of bolle sunglasses. I found them on the south side of res on greencastle rd on sunday morning. If you would like to claim them please call me at 319 480 6236
  14. The Lodge
    So i found this video...kinda makes me wonder how much they charge for one. Also made me wonder how many places would let you set one up for the early and late goose seasons to scare the birds out of city limits...hmmm...for $850 each...i could be a millionaire!
  15. Big Game Forum
    Potential state record buck found, given away Hold onto your hats the rumors are true â€" Michigan has a new monarch buck that potentially dwarfs it’s predecessors, as listed in the Commemorative Bucks of Michigan’s (CBM) record book, and it was found by Sharon Weidmayer while out walking...
  16. The Lodge
1-20 of 39 Results