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  1. The Lodge Supposedly was a zink pro staff guy. Sounds like he was a more well-rounded poacher though. Basically just another tool.
  2. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    Ok I think he is as big of a douch bag as everyone else but I just picked up a foiles Migrator Crime Scene for $51 brand new in the bargin cave at Cabelas. The guy said that Cabelas is liquidating all his stuff and not carrying it anymore.
  3. The Lodge
    ok so im always seeing guys talk about this foiles guy and i was wondering if someone can get me up to speed on it? im seein that the guy is bad news but whats the story on him.
  4. Classifieds
    I have an SMH in excellent condition. It has a orange barrel and black insert. I am looking for $75 shipped or I am interesting in trading for RNT duck calls. Thanks
  5. The Lodge
    What a tool!
  6. The Lodge
    Rogers has 25% off Foiles gear on there website, if anyone still into his gear or calls looks like some good prices. Personally I think they should just give the stuff away with his name on it!
  7. The Lodge
    A U.S. fowl hunter who sells videos of his outdoor adventures admitted in an Edmonton court Wednesday that he had hunted illegally and caused birds pain and suffering. The unlawful hunting activities of Jeffery Burdett Foiles - captured on video while in Alberta and Saskatchewan - included...
  8. Classifieds
    GHG Lookers $130- Few seasons old with a few nics and scratches. Flocking on heads is worn in places but all standard wear. Bass Pro Floater $30- Several seasons old, Paint is fairly worn but could be touched up. Zink Money Maker $80- Couple seasons old, standard lanyard wear. Zink PH2...
  9. Classifieds
    I have two calls for sale both are in pretty good shape id say 8 of 10 or better. Saunders Traffic $100 obo Foiles Straight Meat Mallard with brand new reed and stopper $80 obo If your interested you can call me Nathan Flogel at 563-542-1044
  10. The Lodge
    Jeff Foiles, 54 and dressed like a frat boy, was sentenced to a $100k fine and 13 months in jail. 'Fallin' Skies' hunter gets 13 months, $100K fine - Springfield, IL - The State Journal-Register
  11. The Lodge
    Illinois Man Pleads Guilty to Federal Duck Hunting Violations Looks like the Feds are not backing down on this one.
  12. The Lodge
    Is he serious? Come on!
  13. The Lodge
    Foiles Waterfowl Weekend Date: 05/21/2011 Time: Location: Pittsfield, IL @ Foiles Migrators Facility Description: Come check out Pro-Staffers Lucas Clark & Kody Daniel as they represent Rig'Em Right @ the 7th Annual Waterfowl Weekend!! May 21st and 22nd!
  14. Classifieds
    Foiles strait heat choke for a Benelli SBEII. It's one year old and in good shape. $30 plus shipping.
  15. IAW Bar & Grill
    How long till you think he'll start selling his new product..... :twisted:
  16. The Lodge
  17. Hunting Gear
    Anybody using this choke? I started using one towards the end of the season last year in my 11-87 really liked it for geese. A little too tight for ducks IMO but that might be poor shooting too. I have heard its an excellent turkey choke too. Just wanted to see what everyone else thinks.
  18. The Lodge
    I saw this posted on a Colorado Website that had the Sponsor link for Stillwater Outfitters. Hunt with Jeff Foiles Jeff Foiles will be here to guide hunters for Stillwater Outfitters from January 11-14, 2011! This is a unique opportunity to hunt with one of the biggest names in the waterfowl...
  19. The Lodge
    Just saw this as a status update on Foiles the hell is he still hunting, gun owning, videoing with 23 federal indictments?! Quote from his facebook" "‎1 more hunt in Maryland tomorrow then back home!! When duck huntin this afternoon killed mallards and black ducks great hunt...
1-20 of 28 Results