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  1. Bird Movement
    Saw a few flocks of geese moving earlier this week.
  2. Conservation Forum
    Flying swans found nesting in Iowa Ames, Ia. â€" A pair of migrating trumpeter swans chose to build a nest on a muskrat hut and eventually produced six offspring, called cygnets, at Iowa State University's Kelley Farm this spring. Less than two miles to the south, at Mabaska Wildlife Area...
  3. Decoy Forum
    Some Feather Flyers snow goose decoys Show Me Snow Geese were using. They worked great and the geese locked right in on them. John at will have them for sale soon. So please be on the look out for them they will not disappoint you...
  4. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    1100 miles on the Durango and a sore back from all the driving here is what I have to show. I took 50 photos so I'll try to break things down a bit..... Photos taken Sunday evening, I was told that wasn't very many birds but still I was quite impressed, another thing that grossed me out was...
  5. The Lodge
    Here is what some of my crew does when the ducks are not flying on our little backwater duck holes.
  6. Bird Movement
    Just spotted a flock of blackbirds overhead!!! Sorry had to start a thread here since there wasnt one. :)
  7. The Lodge
    We camped in Nashua all weekend and there were nice flocks of local geese flying around all weekend. It is good to see the young ones up and about now. Also saw some young woodies and mallards but they were not flying yet.
1-7 of 7 Results