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  1. Decoy Forum
    We just got our first Rapid Flyer Lucky Ducks in. I'll be trying them out this weekend for youth season, but playing with it yesterday makes me think this may be a game changer for the spinning class.
  2. Classifieds
    I have a modified and an extended range, i used the modified from opener till end and planned on using the extended range for snows. My gun broke in January and can't be fixed so that's why I'm selling them. They are for Beretta/Benelli, they will not fit the SBEll or the M2. Asking 50 bucks a...
  3. The Lodge
    Anyone see this in the paper this morning??? Looks to be some good buys. Winchester xpert loads 3 inch for 7.99 and 3.5 for 11.99 scheels layout blind for 149.99 looks to me like a finisher. camo gun case for 7.50 black cloud 3 inch for 17.99 and 3.5 for 19.99 Those were the ones that...
  4. The Lodge
    anyone know how to make the truckload sale flyer link on their website open up without having acrobat reader thingymajig? thanks
  5. Gun Dog Forum
    The Fetcher...... The Finish...... Congrats SBEII=1POS on the pass!!!
  6. The Lodge
    Anyone else get the rogers 12th annual truckload sale flyer??? Got mine today. Looks to be some good prices on alot of things in there.
1-6 of 7 Results