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  1. Conservation Forum
    Should Iowa make a Constitutional amendment making it a right to Fish, Hunt and Trap in the state of Iowa? Therefore, the Legislature intends that the citizens of Iowa have a right to hunt, fish, and take game, subject to the regulations and restrictions prescribed by general law. Many states...
  2. Fishing Forum
    Everyone should check this out - gonna have some great deals on fishing gear and you're supporting a great stewardship group while you shop! The first deal will be on MONDAY!! "Save Scratch, Raise Cash! Heard of Fish Itch? It's a new website with crazy deals on fishing tackle and gear that...
  3. Taxidermy Forum
    still at it;)
  4. The Lodge
    Looks like the sanitary plant released raw sewage into the cedar. Wonder if the DNR will fine the city as they do farmers who have problems and theirs leaks into a creek. Equipment failure causes wastewater discharge in Cedar Falls - - News & Weather for Waterloo, Dubuque, Cedar...
  5. Taxidermy Forum
    29" to be glass cased 32" 20 & 18"ers
  6. Fishing Forum
    last ice went off this weekend.south wind starts tomarrow this is the week
  7. Taxidermy Forum
    By me Iowa Rainbows Small Lake Michigan Coho 3 huge Lake Michigan Browns Minnesota Gill 3 Walleyes 27-30"
  8. Taxidermy Forum
    11" Male gills 360 mount 12" Female gill 34" Steelhead
  9. The Lodge
    Monster Goliath Grouper caught in the Florida Keys
  10. Fishing Forum
    WI online bait shop, waxies and spikes, shipping is free per the website. We have purchased bait from these guys before, I thought it was a good price........ (Press next on the bottom of the page of the link to view different size lots and prices)...
  11. Taxidermy Forum
    Summer 27" Spring 30" hog 19"
  12. The Grill
    Just wondering what are the different ways that everyone makes/cooks their fish? We usually cook pan fish by... Lightly salting the thawed filets. Coating them with DRY "complete pancake mix" and deep frying them. This is the way my grandma has always make it. You end up with a very light...
  13. Taxidermy Forum
    Nice 2lb crappies from Lost Island, small 6inch black bluegill
  14. The Lodge
    here are some of the geese that have been at my house the last 2 weeks.. i have had over 100 here.. these were taken with a cheap kadak camera.. I'm looking for a better camera with about 10 mega pixels.. or more with big lense.. This is a goose walking on water..
  15. The Lodge
  16. The Lodge
    The Nashua Fish & Game Club will have its monthly meeting on Thursday, Aug. 21, at 7 p.m. at the clubhouse located at 3024 Addison Ave., one and one-half miles southwest of Nashua. For more information, call Brian at (641)-228-7145 or Steve at (641)-228-5129.
  17. The Lodge
    Does anyone here have a fish aquarium other than me in the house???? I got it 2 years ago for christmas. I only have 10 fish in there but it is only a 10 gallon tank.
  18. Fishing Forum
    Here is the link for the fish hatcheries in Iowa. Also the 3 trout hatcheries are on there as well. You can access the stocking info on what streams they do as well.
  19. Fishing Forum
    Fish by the Millions Released in Iowa Waters Iowa Department of Natural Resources fisheries crews recently stocked millions of northern pike and walleye in Iowa lakes and rivers, but anglers will have to wait for a few years before these fish will be caught. An estimated 140 million...
1-19 of 19 Results