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  1. Classifieds
    Looking to pick up a couple used Final Approach Sport Utility blinds. Don't have to be in new condition, but don't want junk either. Color doesn't matter. Let me know what you have.
  2. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    What do you guys think if the beavertail FA? Anybody on here have one? Is it possible to fit two guys or one guy and a dog? Thanks
  3. The Lodge
    Well, for those of us trapped in the office today, let's see some dead ducks from those of you who were fortunate enough to close out the season with a bang!:25: My report, lots of open water around Des Moines, Tones, Caseys and Chips ponds were wide open this morning and completely devoid of...
  4. The Lodge
    Big big announcement. For the past 4 days, I've been building a brand new server to house IAW. It's fairly decked out and could handle this website with extreme ease (allowing for x50 in growth). The server will be placed in a datacenter 4 hours from where I live (Orlando, FL). Tomorrow I...
  5. Classifieds
    I have 20 FA's that are about 5 years old used for 4 seasons.. 3 or 4 of them need some attention the the back side paint. others have normals wears of decoys of 4 years. All have flocked heads. This would be a good spread for someone look for quantity. or someone just looking to get into...
  6. The Lodge
    Gents, I just got a catalog from them. It looks pretty top notch, but I know nothing about them. Anyone ever order anything from them, good or bad?
  7. Decoy Forum
    What are the opinions on the FA lessor full bodies. I need about a dozen more full bodies to finish our spread and completely fill the truck bed to the top of the topper. (literally) I was thinking lessers to get a few more numbers. I have some Bigfoot B2's and like those but the FA's are...
  8. Conservation Forum
    The final decsion on the waterfowl seasons will be an agenda item at the Aug. 12th NRC meeting in Des Moines, 4th floor of the Wallace Bldg. (across from the capitol), starting at 10 a.m.
  9. Hunting Gear
    Hey I was looking for a little input from you guys. I bought a FA Eliminator Express but wasnt all that impressed so I sold it and I am now looking to buy either a FA Pro Land'r or a FA Sports Utlility Blind. Any other suggestions on layout blinds or any reiews on one of those two? thanks
  10. Hunting Gear
    Final Approach Blind Hot Seat, 1st time I have seen this. Upon compression, its styrene bead padding naturally generates heat, creating the ultimate layer of comfort between you and the ground. A must-have for any cold-weather ground dweller...
  11. The Lodge
    We have a logo, now we need a red light for the top of the trailer :lol: Iowafowler we might have an opening to the team next year when you get settled in down here in Winterset And here is the FINAL DRAFT from CHRIS @,
  12. Taxidermy Forum
    Just put his Mallard on the wall today. lee :wink:
  13. Taxidermy Forum
    the gadwall is from a member of the wiwaterfowlers and the goose is from one of my iowa hunters. lee
  14. Hunting Gear
    Final Approach Foiles Prairie Eliminator Express Blind $99.95 new
  15. Decoy Forum
    just bought a couple of FA 6 slot bags for a good price. does anyone know the dimensions? figured i could use them for FB mallards and some of the avery lessers we have...
  16. Hunting Gear
    Final Approach Closeouts
  17. The Lodge
    Any final things left to do before season????? I am beyond ready. The only thing we will do is make a make shift blind at our duck spot before shooting time on opening day and we will be ready to go.
  18. The Lodge
    Who is going????? I am going to head down there for sure on Saturday. Will be by myself unless the old man wants to ride along. Guess I need to call people before Wednesday to ask them if they are free on Saturday. Oh well so who else will be there for sure.
  19. Conservation Forum
1-20 of 21 Results