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  1. Field Hunting
    Who has ideas for hiding in the black deserts we get when we have dry fields and bored farmers!! We have fields by us that look just like black carpet, geese love them but how does a guy hide in them? Anyone ever try using cedars in the middle of the field?
  2. Waterfowl Q & A
    I was looking for some imput on some of the methods everyone uses in hiding layout blinds in plowed fields. This was the toughest challege faced this year.....and every field seemed to be plowed. I know there are some good concealment strategies other than just praying for a wet Fall so...
  3. The Lodge
    With the nice weather farmers have had I'm running into alot of disked fields. Wondering how everyone was or has hunted them? We've been having luck just wouldn't mind trying some new ideas.
  4. The Lodge
    I didn't even find them. Send the wife out today to look for fields along the river and she found four. The one farmer said he has been seeing geese so hopefully it will pan out. I just thought it was neat she actually went out looking for the fields!
  5. Hunting Gear
    The snow goose season is approaching and I would like to know how you haul your decoys into the fields when the field conditions do not allow you to drive your truck and trailer into the field. We do use an ATV with a lightweight cart and that helps alot. The cart can be hauled in the...
  6. Field Hunting
    what is up wth these geese lately, anyone else noticed that they are hitting the chisled fields hard, hundreds of other fields around and they decide to hit the chisled ones, might make it a little thougher to hide the blinds and for sure not the most comfy to lay in, plus many farmers wont let...
  7. Field Hunting
    Wanting to get your opinion of using mojo's out field hunting when there is snow on the fields. Are they less effective at drawing ducks from a distance and getting them to lock up and come in? Since we have had snow in central Iowa our success rate on hunts have gone down quite a bit when...
  8. The Lodge
    Any one make it out to look at any of the fields yet this week?
  9. The Lodge
    Scout the fields yet?? I'm going in 2 weekends to scout the early goose season field.
1-9 of 9 Results