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    I have 6 FFD Honker Actives, 8 Pro Grades (4 Bulls, 2 Feeders, 2 Active), and 2 dozen G&H Shell decoys for sale. Looking to get $350 for all. I will also throw in 6 G&H Snow shells and 2 Avery decoy bags. PM me or text me for info @ 563-451-8872.
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    84 Fully Flocked Honker Decoys. 2 Years old and all are bagged in 6 slotters and kept in trailer. Will sell with both stakes and ring bases. Make an offer. Probably will need to get 75-80% of new value. Here is a link to them...
  3. Decoy Forum
    I order stuff from Rogers all the time and always call in my order to ask questions and ask them what they like. He told me about the Tangelfree Full Body flock goose and for 150$ you get 6 and a free bag. The guy was talking them up so I bought them and got them today. I would give then a 4/5...
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    Hey guys, my buddy is looking to buy some ffd or xfd lessers. They must have bags. Call Zach at 507-236-8709 Location is Marshall MN Thanks!
  5. Decoy Forum
    Has anyone put hands on any of these? How do they look, how durable are they? do they come with bags? Any info?
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    These decoys have been sold! Thanks
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    Just like the title says I am looking to make my spread a little bit bigger for the field this year. Let me know what you have and where your located. Thanks
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    Hey guys, have 6 ffd lessers that i'm looking to trade. Used half of last fall and are in great condition. Come with ring bases and bag. Trade only. Located in Lamberton MN. Looking to trade for: GHG mallard full bodies GHG mallard shells GHG FFD shells Will entertain other waterfowl offers.
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    For sale, rester/sleeper FFD four pack with bag. Bag has some small holes from mice but only cosmetic. I just don't use these decoys. New they're $190 at Cabelas, looking for $130. Pickup preferred, located in eastern Iowa.
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    Ive got 2 doz avery oversized goose floaters for sale. The decoys are in great shape. They all have flocked heads and were brand new last year. The decoys all come in avery slot bags and all have avery keel grabber weights and rubberbands. 120 a six pack . I aslo have 8 ffd sleepers and...
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    I have 6 FFD actives that are the older lighter colored ones that I sprayed lightly with ultra flat camo black so they look similar to the newer FFDs. I would rate them a 8 out of 10. Would like to trade them for 6 Bigfoot Feeders. Shoot me a pm if you would be interested in trading. For some...
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    Hey guys, looking to pick up some FFD lessers. Need to have bags and ring stands/stakes. Let me know what you have! Located in Lamberton or Marshall Minnesota.
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    Looking for 1.5 doz ffd lessor feeders with bags. Must be in good shape. please call 507-521-0942. Thanks
  14. Decoy Forum
    Dakota coming out with or have FFD's??
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    For sale: 1. Foiles Showtime, needs a new reed $100 tyd 2. 6 FFD Active Lessers with a large 6 slot bag, 6 stakes, 6 ring bases $120 3. 4 FFD Lookers, come with 4 slot bag, one Reelfeet base doesn't lock but it doesn't affect the decoy $120 1. 2. 3. Buyer pays shipping or I will meet...
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    Did inventory this past weekend and gearing up for next year. We have 11dz FFD Honkers for sale. This is the breakdown: - 3dz FFD Active Honkers - $300.00/dz (includes 6slot bags) - 8dz FFD Feeder Honkers - $300.00/dz (included 6slot bags) - 1 4pk FFD Lookers - $100/4pk (includes bag) *All...
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    Fellas i am trying to get ahold of the guys selling the FFD lessers but cant get the Pm function to work. It says the administrator has not granted me PM abilities or something. So if you have FFD lessers for sale still, send me an email at [email protected] thanks Also interested in the...
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    I got 3.5 dozen lesser's for sale. 2 doz are feeders and 1.5 doz are actives. Very good condition! 1 does not have head but can be fixed. 3 six slot bags. Looking to get $1050. Located in Brookings South Dakota. Will meet in responable distance and will NOT ship. Thanks.
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    I have one dozen GHG FFD lessers with bags, and each decoys also has there own bag so they are double bags and in great shape, 240.00 no shipping, also have a smoke/black lynch mob executioner with blue guts, great shape and will sell for 80.00 will try and get pics up soon, need a transfer...
1-19 of 21 Results