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  1. The Lodge
    It was just on the radio. It makes me think of my 7 year old everytime I hear it.
  2. The Lodge
    To all the fathers out there. Happy fathers day.
  3. The Lodge
    I thought I would start a thread for fathers day with pictures of outdoor activities that you have taken your kids on. My son is pretty young yet, so I have a limited number of pictures.
  4. The Lodge
    We laid my Father to rest this morning during a small grave site memorial. Since he was a WW II vet he had the full blown honor guard, flag folding, 21 gun salute and they played taps at the end. At exactly the end of the playing of taps a big "V" of birds flew over and ended up circling and...
  5. The Lodge
    ok guys... So tonight as my wife got back from seeing her dad who most of you know is dying of cancer she told me one of her sisters work sent them some money to get food and whatever they needed for here dad. so they got alot of stuff he needs.. He only has about 3-4 weeks ..if that
1-6 of 7 Results