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  1. The Lodge
    Draft August 17th (Wednesday), IDP league... scoring pretty standard. 10 teams. Here's a link: League ID# 221749 Password is serious Should be able to sign-in and sign up if you want! Let me know if you join up! Thank you to...
  2. Sports Talk
    Would anyone be interested in playing this year once football gets kicked off? The draft would be sometime in August and it would be a snake draft. It would be through yahoo sports and will not be a PPR league. The entry would be a $10 for each player. We would have a 12-14 team league...
  3. The Lodge
    Some guys form Iowa Sportsman and me are doing a fantasy football league 10$ a person, I need one more guy and mayb some more later because i have 4 guys that havnt if your interested the log in information on yahoo is Yahoo sports Fantasy Then Click Join A League Then Click Join...
  4. Sports Talk
    Guys I know it is WAY early but I am filling up the two leagues I have for FF. I wont draft till the 4th week of preseason but if you are interested in joining the league shoot me a pm. It is a free league and on yahoo.
  5. The Lodge
    Guys I need about 4 more guys for Fantasy Football. It is free and all in fun. Shoot me a pm and I will get you the league id and password.
  6. Sports Talk
    Guys I have two leagues forming right now. I sent an email out to all the guys last week and only a few have signed up so if you guys want to jump in shoot me a pm and I will give you the info you need.
  7. The Lodge
    Guys I am doing a custom fantasy baseball league on yahoo this summer like the football. All in fun no money needed. If you are interested shoot me a pm and I will give you the league id and password so you can get registered.
  8. Sports Talk
    Anyone up for it this year???? It is a free league I do on yahoo. If you are post on here and I will get you the info.
1-8 of 8 Results