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  1. Fishing Forum
    I had some deer trim that I needed to run up to the Edgewood Locker today. On the way home I got to thinking that it was way too nice to waste such a gorgeous day. I decided to stop by the hatchery at Manchester with my wife and kids. If you enjoy fishing and have never been to one of our...
  2. The Lodge
    House passes dove hunting bill; first season could begin in September | Des Moines Register Staff Blogs this kind of reporting... i think the only thing more comical than this tool are the people who commented on the bottom supporting him and his viewpoints...
  3. The Lodge
    I have a story that was just came back to me today due to a tragedy in the family. I just learned my cousin has taken his own life. He lived in Colorado and except for the occasional visit out west or them coming here it has been a distant relationship, but when we all did get together (grandma...
  4. Northern Zone
    Hi y'all I am coming to Mason City at Thanksgiving to visit the wife's family and need to do some duck and or goose hunting while I am there to keep some sort of sanity. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would like to get a guide, but don't know where to look or who to call. I don't...
  5. The Lodge
    Just became a grandfather for the 6th time,but his time i have a grandson,8#3oz born saturday.
  6. The Lodge
    I heard of this morning probably an hour after it happened. I send my deepest thoughts and smypathy to the Thomas family and the AP community. This man was a legend and a hero to many people. His coaching abilities took I believe over a half dozen people to their careers in the NFL and four...
  7. The Lodge
    Got word today during work that Tim's father in law passed away this morning from cancer. I was told by Tim he went into a coma this past weekend. So if you could throw a good word in for Tim and his wife Jamie and their family. I know my thoughts are already headed that way.
  8. The Lodge
    well i had a surprise this past week.. my female yellow lab started to get milk..... i put her in my shop to get her away from my chacolate male lab and tonight as im going to the shop to start to work my daugher yells she is having pups.... she has been in labor for 2 hours and has had 3 so...
1-8 of 9 Results