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  1. The Lodge
    I went out pheasent hunting today it a t-shirt...on thanksgiving. What the h£ll. I have been seeing post from guys on the rivers doing good, but me in the middle of the state might be putting my gear in storage
  2. Turkey Forum
    So… anyone fall hunt those big birds here? i got my first 2 turkeys fall season same day but 8:30 am and 3:30 pm, if you do go, you out for longbeards or are the hens just as good shooting in fall, just curious for some fall opinions
  3. The Lodge
    I just checked the forecast, and we are looking at 35 for the lows tuesday and wednesday, with wednesday's high at 58. I hope we get a push of bigger ducks for our early season!
  4. Ducks Unlimited
    We are having our annual Fall Smoker At the Izaak Walton Building across from Lake Ahquabi. This is 5 miles south of Indianola. Tickets are $15.00 this includes smoked beef and pork,baked beans and a potao salad. Beverages are included. Beer,pop and ice tea. This is a smaller gathering so your...
  5. Northern Zone
    Martens Lake, in Sweet Marsh Wildlife Management area, is a popular fishing, hunting, and boating area that has been challenged by aquatic invasive plants since the mid-1990s. In 2010, a new invasive plant-brittle naiad-spread into the marsh and threatened native plants and aquatic recreation...
  6. Ducks Unlimited
    Thought I would update the post to remind you all: FREE BEER-OVER 15 GUNS 2B RAFFLED! MID-IOWA DUCKS UNLIMITED 52ND ANNUAL FALL BANQUET Thursday, September 15, 2011 Stoney Creek Inn & Conference Center 5291 Stoney Creek Ct. Johnston, Iowa 50131 GUNS * HUNTING TRIPS * FISHING TRIPS *...
  7. Gun Dog Forum
    The Key City HRC Club in Dubuque will be hosting a Fall Regular test on August 27th & 28th at Brush Dale Hunting Preserve. The premium will be up on when we get our Judges approved. The cost to run your dog will be $40/Started, $50/Seasoned, and $60/Finished. Check us...
  8. Conservation Forum
    Fall Flight Survey on Mississippi, Pools 4-9 10/12/2010 Click on pic to maximize
  9. Fishing Forum
    What a wonderful fall we are having seems everything is simply awesome the walleyes below saylorville are on fire. many eaters in the 2-3 pound range and tons of mid size fish being caught and plenty of trophy sized fish as well. Crappie have been a lil slow for me this fall though but thats...
  10. Turkey Forum
    When checking the camera card the last few days, I have seen turkeys in ditch on the way in at about 10 or so. Got there this AM at 8, popped up a Darkhorse and set out the DSD feeder. At 945 a pair of Jennie's crested the top of the ditch and slowly worked my way, at 10:16 the lead bird was at...
  11. Ducks Unlimited
    Join us Saturday, September 18th. Hillcrest Country Club - Adel, Iowa Event will include, a silent and live auction, games and raffles! Pre-event raffle 1 in 250 chance at one of two guns a Remington 887 or a Ruger 10/22 for $10, drawing held night of the Banquet need not be present to win...
  12. Decoy Forum
    What is everyone planning on buying before this fall??? Myself I am planning on getting a dozen lesser canadas, one or two dozen specks, two dozen sleeper shells, another dozen mallard floaters, and a couple more dozen mallard full bodies. Going to sell a dozen reg. FB honkers, and a couple...
  13. The Lodge
    What does everyone have to get ready,fixed or bought before next fall so you are ready for season again. Either your want or need list. :lol:
  14. Fishing Forum
    DECORAH, Iowa â€" Northeast Iowa draws thousands of anglers from across the state to its cold water streams and excellent trout fishing. But anglers can expect to see a few more non residents sharing the stream in Iowa’s Trout County because on September 30, Wisconsin and Minnesota stream...
  15. Hunting Gear
    Check these deals out if you need a new blind bag.
  16. Conservation Forum
    MID-IOWA CHAPTER DUCKS UNLIMITED FALL BANQUET: ( * The Mid-Iowa DU Fall Banquet is almost upon us! * 50th Annual Dinner Banquet! Folks, we have lots of merchandise to auction and raffle at the event and only 6 hours to do it in. If you are looking for deals on...
  17. Decoy Forum
    These showed up last thursday. I have part of them now. Still going to get another dz. full body honkers, a couple dz. snows/blues and two doz. mallard floaters.
  18. The Lodge
    We booked our guided hunt for the fall on Lake Michigan thru a sponsor on the WI site This will be the 1st layout boat hunt for me. Looking forward to the hunt around Halloween weekend. I still want to book (but doubt I will) a spring snow goose hunt. We booked a...
  19. The Lodge
    Hundreds of Specs in Southern Iowa, here are just a few
  20. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    Did anyone purchase new calls for this fall??? I bought a calef neckbreaker and a Tim Schultz short reed goose call. Both very nice calls.
1-20 of 22 Results