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  1. The Lodge
    Guys be sure to join group on facebook. We will be doing some giveaways on there soon as well just for the facebook members.
  2. The Lodge
    Guys I had group on facebook but I guess it was to old or something. I created a new group on there. Look it up and join. . Let me know if it works as that blasted site keeps changing and I am not to sure I did it right to begin with.
  3. The Lodge
    Quick poll above...just curious how many of you are on facebook. How often do you check it?
  4. Vendor Deals
    Head on over to get in on the Honk Quack Bang duck calling contest. Check out this link for details. You will have to "like" the page first. Here are the prizes. PRIZES ●$25.00 gift certificate to Mack’s Prairie Wings from HQB ●Duck call from Waterfowl Legends Custom Calls ●T-Shirt from...
  5. The Lodge
    All you facebookers go here and click on "like" below my photo(the deer in the snow with the ugly guy behind it). Thanks guys
  6. The Lodge
    Would someone explain to me what the f is the farmerville hype all about? Yesterday I got a freind request, from a ugly girl back in high school. I figured ah what the hell confirm. I told myself I'd confirm anyone as long as they weren't customers. Anyhow....Now I get zoo land reports and...
  7. The Lodge
    Guys if you have an account on facebook I was bored today so made a group on there. It is called "The real group. There is another one on there that at one time a former member made. I will put all the contest giveaway info up there also just like what is here every month.
1-8 of 12 Results