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    Extended long range ported Pattern Master for Beretta/ Benelli. $75 TYD Also, RNT Short Barrel- Coke Bottle 7/10 $65 RNT Alpha 2- White Barrel / Black Insert 10/10 $85 One dozen brand new Big Foot Mallard Floaters still in the Box- $100 Pm if interested- Pics upon request
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    Deadline for ice fishing shelters extended February 12, 2010 SPIRIT LAKE, Iowa (AP) - The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has given ice fishermen in the northern part of the state an extra weekend to get their permanent shelters off public waters. With Friday's announcement, the deadline...
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    Looking for an extended Patternmaster for my Extrema. Shoot me a PM if you have one you want to get rid of Derek
1-3 of 3 Results